About Us

Armen Adzhemyan

By day, Armen is a graduate of UC Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall). By night he comes to the rescue of five kids from different continents with magical rings that summon him in an instant. But since there's no future in helping kids, he's banking on making millions in royalties from his idea for a book on "The Simpsons and the Law." (Seriously, if books talking about the religious and philosophical implications of the show can sell millions of copies, why not a topic that has a broader appeal, and commands more power as of the Protestant Reformation?) He loves attention, so if you want to bash those who drink blush wines, attend Big XII schools, or have ideas for the book, feel free to use your magic ring to contact him.

Craig Konnoth

Craig's a graduate of Fordham University. He did his M.Phil. in 17th century English political philosophy at Cambridge University, and is an incoming 1L at Yale Law School. Interests include constitutional theory/law, civil rights issues (particularly relating to gender and sexuality issues), Agatha Christie, Sex and the City, and Facebook.