April 14, 2004

Sinclair: Holding Names Hostage

by Guest Contributor

Andrew Sinclair is a 3L at Boston University School of Law. - Ed.

I’m working on a new website, but I can’t find a good name. The domain name gold rush of the late '90s has resulted in scarce availability of new domain names. Unlike gold, however, many of these names are grossly overvalued by their “owners” and thus have little chance of reentering the marketplace. This is frustrating.

The ability to share information with millions of others is one of the fundamental attributes of the internet. In many cases, this attribute has been the foundation for actions that have lead to legal debate (the issue of file sharing comes to mind). The law has often been enlisted to attempt to control the unprecedented dissemination of information through the internet, but in the case of names, the architecture of the internet itself has regulated information availability much more than law makers ever intended.

Flickr is a new site that offers storage and sharing of photographs. I don’t know much about the site. My issue is with the name. “Flicker” sounds to me like a pretty good name for a photography web site. It evinces the click of a camera and the flick of a switch. Why cut the “e” though? At first I thought this was some sort of new web trend – like adding “ster” to the end of an otherwise nice word. If “Flickr” can be “flicker”, it is also dangerously close to “f-lick-r”, which would more likely feature something entirely different.

Flickr, however, is not the result of a new internet naming trend; it’s the result of an old one. The good names are used up. They’ve been taken hostage and held for ransom. There is no site at flicker.com. Under the US trademark system, “Flicker” – when applied to a photography service – was free for the taking. (Flickr would have run into trouble if this were not the case.)

The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act protects against sitting on domain names to exploit trademark owners, but it doesn’t protect trademark makers. Trademarks only exist when applied to goods or services (or when famous), so as long as the owner of flicker.com is not actually using the name, Flickr has no claim against it. Buying the name would only support the market (something like negotiating with terrorists to free the hostage names). We are left having to invent crazy new names and use creative spelling. This has a negative effect on culture itself because it locks up cultural resources. This is a consumer culture, and corporate names are indeed a cultural resource.

As the internet changes the way information is used and consumed, we not only need to consider how law should suppress information sharing, but also how law should prevent technology from suppressing information.

I really was looking for a name for a new website I’m working on. I eventually settled on a grammatically incorrect word combination. The name I really wanted is registered to some lady in Arizona. I could have offered to buy it from her, but I refuse to negotiate with terrorists.

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Perhaps they are terrorists. Perhaps they are just CGW - Coasians Gone Wild.

Posted by: Craig at April 14, 2004 01:45 PM

I'll just give you my two cents after being a victim of cybersquatting. It happened while I was in the process of preparing for my wedding, then away on my honeymoon. I came back to a downed website which I quickly went to the registrar to transfer. There was o documentation on how much time was left on the domain. The next day I got an e-mail from the transfer registrant indicating that the domain was locked as of midnight that night and could not be transferred. I thought a phone call to the original registrant would be enough to clear up the situation, but no. I escalated through supervisors who were stonewalling me with the option of extorting $200 to snipe the domain when it came back from the pool. My domain was gone. I had the .org and I was willing to take the hit and gamble for the .com that I might lose. Turns out this company Kenyatech, which is listed on your blog sniped the domain. I guess on his business side this vulture lilke behavior can be profitable. If he hits a $500 domain out of 30 sniped expiring domains he doubles his money. Not bad by any standard for ROI. Selling crack and being a pimp has a good ROI too. The question of course is ethics. There is also no viable body to go to for redress. It costs $1500 just to get a hearing on a trademark/domain case. It's cheaper just to pay these hyenias off. But ultimately I agree with you, I'm not negotiating with terrorists. It's lose-lose. If nobody negotiated with them they wouldn't exist. It's like ticket scalpers. If everyone demanded face value only tickets scalpers would go away.

Posted by: John Lussier at October 22, 2004 03:56 PM

kaivierstra.com, now in the hands of kenyatech because my host's computer had a glitch and wouldn't let me re-up. Do these people generally hold on to the site forever? Or is it that after a year they figure I can outwait them. Which, Mr. Kenyatech, I can. I'm down for the cause- No domain scalping!!!

Posted by: Kai at November 5, 2004 09:43 PM

Has anyone ever managed to recover a domain from Kenyatech?

Posted by: Rob at November 6, 2004 03:23 PM

Take a look at:


Posted by: A-Wing at November 30, 2004 07:36 AM

Kenyatech also grabbed my domain. I had actually transfered it to Omnis.com (as lousy a registrar as there is) but they failed to complete the transfer - despite the fact that I paid them and asked them many times to solve the problem. They didn't and their negligence allowed this cybersquatter (info@kenyatech.com) to register my domain, which is my own firstname+surname.com.

Posted by: C.A. at December 5, 2004 07:24 PM

I was also a victim of Kenyatech and have no intention of paying them a cent for something they took from me.
Is there a way to drown them with emails, newsletters or any other stuff? They are holding my domain hostage and I would love to contribute to their downfall...
Their email is: info@kenyatech.com

Posted by: anothervictim at December 9, 2004 05:31 PM

Kenyatech also got my domain name too, since the registrar I was with decided not to renew it for me. *sigh*

Posted by: alsoavictim at December 14, 2004 05:56 AM

Kenyatech has recently taken hostage of one of my domains as well. I do not know why they would want mine since it wasn't a high traffic site.

Posted by: Name at December 14, 2004 05:14 PM

If you pay for the domain they are holding ransom, will Kenyatech actually transfer the domain to you? I am very adamant about dealing with a company from Kenya.

Posted by: Anon at December 14, 2004 05:16 PM

I wouldn't trust Kenyatech with anything - especially my credit card information. So, there are a bunch of people on this site whose domains have been kidnapped by Kenyatech. Is there something we can do together to get them back?

Posted by: i-hate-kenyatech at December 15, 2004 06:55 PM

Hi all,

I had a similar experience with Kenyatech - through a snafu, one of my domain names didn't get re-registered and Kenyatech snapped it up. I bid $50 on the domain name and the offer was accepted. After googling Kenyatech I was unable to come up with an answer to the question asked many times above but put most succinctly by Rob, "Has anyone ever managed to recover a domain from Kenyatech?" In fact, this page here is the most discussion I've been able to find on the topic.

So I'm going to find out. I'm going to risk the $50 and see what happens. Unfortunately I don't have more time to do research because their "your offer was accepted" email went to my spam folder where I didn't find it until today, and they say their offer is good for three days, the third day being tomorrow.

I intend to report back here with my findings but since I don't frequent this site (this is the first time I've been here) it's quite likely that I will forget. If a few days have passed from today December 16, 2004 and you don't see any follow up from me, please feel free to email me and ask how things are going. I might just need a reminder.

Thanks, and wish me luck,

Doug Chase

Posted by: Doug at December 16, 2004 06:18 PM

BOMB those fuckers OUT of cyberspace.


Posted by: NONE at December 22, 2004 05:57 PM

Today I've become yet another victim of those despicable vulture parasites at Kenyatech.

They registered my domain name today, the day it expired after going into redemption. This is a stupid system which allows parasites like this to profit from other people's hard work and ideas.

I will not pay a cent to these scum and would urge anyone else in the same situation not to pay either. Why help them succeed in their business?

Instead I'm going to file a complaint to the domain name authorities about them, and hopefully if enough people complain their registry agent memberships will be revoked.


Posted by: Paul Rogers at January 1, 2005 04:15 PM

I think the primary reason they are buying domains is for traffic. Selling it at a higher price is a bonus. Traffic for ads is becoming a big business...big players include afternic, SnapNames, Enom Drop house, NameWinner sedo...just to name a few.

ICANN needs to do something before it gets out of hand.

Posted by: kings at January 4, 2005 10:09 PM

Hey there.

What nerve of these people to say they are working through a third party when they are that party who intially swiped my site. I don't trust them. $280.00 for a site that I paid $8.00. Do you think my original and despiscable webmaster and him are in cohoots? He doesn't "Work" on websites anymore. If anyone wants to bond together and get our domains back. Giddy-up they're in for trouble. Lots of Good-old Fashioned American Fire-power brandished here if we bond together. Let me know.


Sal Rinella
Kenya-disabled site

Posted by: sal rinella at January 12, 2005 02:26 PM

Just a quick note, while I absorb what Kenyatech has just done to me. I've looked at the postings and attempted to email a few people thru their aliases, or thru links that clearly do not work. So, a first observation is this - we cannot work together until we know who we are - perhaps a list serve is in order with our real names, phone numbers and address.

Posted by: Michael at January 13, 2005 02:34 AM

Mine was taken too... i have also found out that they/he are/is not in Kenya!

I am thinking class action lawsuit, if you are with me email me redbmaster@gmail.com !!!!

I will take names and addys to start the list, its go time people!

Posted by: OpTiCaL at January 21, 2005 10:27 AM

Any idea where these people are?

What state?


Posted by: Tony at January 21, 2005 11:23 PM

I'm trying to register a domain name that (sadly) was snatched up by these guys. I offered them $50, so if they accept the offer I'll let you guys know.

P.S. - If I had already registered the name and they snatched it from me, I wouldn't be doing business with them.

Posted by: Josh at January 22, 2005 09:03 PM

Alright, I just got an email back from Kenyatech a couple of hours ago. They rejected my $50 offer and recommended that I try bidding higher.

F*ck that. I sent them an email back politely asking them to tell me how much they want for it and I'd consider doing business with them. Don't play games with me, just tell me a price and I'll consider purchasing the domain...

The only reason I'm even bothering with this company is because the name I need has been taken in the .net format already, and my site has an established name among my target audience. Damn...and I could get the name from Yahoo! for $5 if it weren't for these bastards.

Posted by: Josh at January 24, 2005 04:08 AM

What the bloody hell is going on with this Kenyatech mob? I tried to register a Domain Name and was advised by a reputable Domain Name Provider that it was unavailable. A check of WhoIs? on 21 January 2005 revealed that the name had expired in November 2004. So I emailed the listed registered owner that day to let him know about the status of his Domain Name so that he could re-register it if he wished, or alternatively, if he was no longer interested in it, I asked for his permission to register it for my business. The previous owner in Reno, Nevada very kindly gave permission for me to register the name that had expired as he had never actually used the name for his business. So far so good. However, when I checked back to the WhoIs? database I noticed something very curious...the Domain Name I was interested in was suddenly aquired by something called Kenyatech - on the very same day that I had accessed the WhoIs? database and had discovered that its registration had lapsed. At the very least a question immediately came to mind about the status of the security of the WhoIs? database. Nevertheless, I then accessed this Kenyatech organization, and discovered that it was supposedly in the business of providing Domain Names. So I thought, Oh Well...I'll buy it off them...but no luck. The .com Domain Name that I wanted had already been "taken" in all its permutations as well. So I tried to register my details with them, and discovered anomalies indicating that the registration process appeared suspiciously more like an attempt to skim identity details than any genuine registration procedure that I have experience with. I then tried to email them with my concerns about their operation but dead links made that impossible. From what I now know, I am rather concerned about this tin-pot operation, and feel like going over to Kenya and looking them up personally. The address however, is possibly a front too, judging by the way they seem to operate. I can well appreciate how pissed off you guys in the States must feel, but we in Australia don't take kindly to being fucked around like this either. You have my full support to get to the bottom of this pack of bottom-feeders.

Richard Wells

Check this out if you haven't already: http://kenyatech.co.uk/

Or how about this: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/archive/thread/356200-1.html

Here's another: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/archive/thread/341009-1.html

More good news at: http://www.kenyatech.com/about/index.html

Is this of interest? http://www.wakilisha.com/cgi-bin/directory.pl/Homepages/Communities

Posted by: Richard Wells at January 24, 2005 10:29 PM

Another link


Posted by: kings at January 26, 2005 01:38 AM

As furious as I'm with Kenyatech, I'm not sure they've done anything illegal. It was a lousy registrar, Omnis.com, that failed to complete the transfer of my domain on time and thus allowed this Kenyatech people to snatch up my name. And all Omnis is offering to compensate me for their lousy service is getting me another domain. Since what was taken was my own name (first name, last name), I fail to see how that is any compensation.
If you want to avoid becoming Kenyatech's latest victim, stay away from Omnis.com!

Posted by: Omnis sucks at January 26, 2005 01:13 PM

Why don't we petition for a class action suit against them and gor for some media coverage. this could be one of those high tech piracy stories. if we can get enugh sniped people together we can probably win this thing. E-mail me at bladwig@gmail.com. I have written proof against kenyatech. They registered my domain name 4 days before it was deleted. Written proof ought to be worth something.

Posted by: Brian Ladwig at January 27, 2005 08:05 PM

As mad as I am with Kenyatech I am getting a little tired with some of the post on this forum. Seems like most people posting here have no clue about domain names and we are lossing the focus of the posts. Do a little learning before you post something stupid..or make a fool of yourself.

Posted by: kings at January 28, 2005 01:58 AM

I'm another victim of Kenyatech - the company that registered my first name-surname dot-com dithered and wouldn't reply to emails, and while I was away travelling for a month, the domain expired and was snapped up by our dear friends at Kenyatech. Like most other people here, I'm very annoyed but have not the time, money nor inclination to pursue them. I doubt they'll let go of any dotcoms they've stolen, because if only one person in a thousand desperately needs their domain back and will pay a few thousand dollars for the privilege, they're probably in profit.

If anyone has any ideas of legal ways to let them know of our displeasure - e-mail campaigns have been mentioned - count me in.

Posted by: Rob Ainsley at February 2, 2005 08:25 AM

Here's the bad news: Kenyatech haven't done anything illegal...just unethical and possible immoral. You don't have a hope I'm afraid.
Here's the good news:
Kenyatech arn't that bright...they've just registered a large number of domains of ours that we don't want anymore...that's why we let them go! - we're not stupid or careless. It'll have cost them an absolute bomb and they'll get nothing from us, or anyone else. Traffic...quite low...we turned the servers off and did a 'dead park' submit (we know a lot about this!) to kill the traffic stone DEAD. So you see, there's someone out there way smarter than them and they have effectively shafted themselves. I hope that makes all you folk who've been 'done' feel a little bit better. Cheaters never prosper in the end... My advice..if you want to keep it, lock it on the systems of a top quality Registrar. If you use a poor quality one..you will lose it. It takes money to do the job right. Poor ones just don't have the budget. Auto renewal can be a useful tool to avoid any frustrating problems of squatting. Or you could try re-branding...you wouldn't be the first (enough said I think).
Best regards,
Mr C

Posted by: Mr C at February 6, 2005 06:21 PM

Actually, that's not necessarily true. Copyright (and ownership over your own name) don't end just because a domain got acquired by someone else. It's just hard to fight back inexpensively - and that's what these cybersquatters are counting on: that people will pay them instead of hiring lawyers or going to a mediator. Well, I won't. I refuse to pay vultures to get my own name back. I'm consulting with a lawyer and will post any information that she gives me that might be useful to those of you who've also suffered at the hands of Kenyatech and incompetent registrars.

Posted by: Hope at February 10, 2005 11:03 PM

Email me your complaints. Make fake offers for the domains I have taken from honest people. Subscribe me to newsletters, send me spam, make my life more difficult. I am scum and my email is info@kenyatech.com

Posted by: scum at February 11, 2005 12:26 AM

Check out http://www.kenyatechwatch.com ....

Posted by: WebDiscuss at February 11, 2005 11:55 PM

Seemed to be getting bilked by this company. What bid will they accept for a site? Has anyone actually won a bid yet? I've tried anything from $15-$100. No luck yet.

Posted by: Brian at March 1, 2005 07:01 PM

Well how about this for lack of ethics (the leeches) kenyatech squatted on our site 12 days before domain registration was even due. We renewed that same day and they still refused to remove their script from our site (and prevent from us from doing so as well). Our hosting company removed their script for us, and 4 days later they embedded their script in our site again but, in an attempt to be slick they did not add their script to all our pages just the page that is the actual gateway to our online store. They no longer answer e-mails from us as they did when they believed they were in the right, they are now just being vindictive. Even if we had not renewed our registration it is still not due and nowhere near the redemption period. If anyone out there knows a course of action we could take we would be glad to hear it as we have all our supporting documents.

Posted by: Barbara at March 2, 2005 11:33 AM

P.S. you can reach us at neonnovelties@alltel.net

Posted by: Barbara at March 2, 2005 11:36 AM

Just have to steam, same problem, personal domain with absolutely no relevance to anyone else was snapped up by kenyatech scum due to oversight of host provider. Despite my seething, and before I read this post, I offered $50 and explained that the domain name had absolutely no business or profitable use. Their response was 'try offering substantially more.'-

Posted by: Mark at March 2, 2005 03:43 PM

LET'S TAKE THESE MOTHERFUCKERS TO THE CLEANERS.... Let's kick them off the internet forever... how about a class action suit!

Just reply here... It's time iCann wake up from their @#@%@ slepe as well... the internet is supposed to be a great safe tool, instead it'd become a landmine field of scumsucking donkey fucking mother assholes!

Posted by: jim at March 4, 2005 10:50 PM

My main concern reflects one mentioned earlier. I ran a whois for a quite novel business name (with no matches showing in any of the big engine searches) a few years ago and when I came back a few days later to register the domain name, having then registered my business name with the local government, the .com was gone but sitting dormant. As time progressed it turned up in use by a web services company with an "About Us" reading "we are a group of net veterans" etc. Yes indeed. Veteran enough to know how to pinch ideas of dumb bunnies like me.
Hence it seems to me: whois used to be accessable by all and sundry, so you could go straight to the source and query the database in private with your special name. Now you have to be some sort or registrar to access the whois db, so shoddy registrars lift whois queries from their customers and visitors and either then squat on them or sell them to squatters.
My only advice: don't impulsively use whois queries for your name ideas - there seems to be an immediate security risk.
So my questions:
How does one find a "safe" whois service?
How does / can one punish a registrar who squats or sells whois queries?
Is a registar obliged to a conduct code under their icann license?
If not, is icann accountable to anyone?
Your thoughts?

Also, this may seem obvious, but isn't the solution to spam these clowns "whois" query and domain registration tools (in a non-obvious way, ie: trickle them in from different addresses) with improbable (and hence useless) domain names (like geewhizjockIlikethis53rddomain.com) so that they register as many unsaleable domain names as their budget allows, then in 12 months with excess stock and low sales they go "pop"?
I don't think there's anything illegal or deceptive in that either. You're just querying the whois names out of interest, and authentic domain registrars would see a slight increase in whois traffic, but squatters would fill their shelves with rubbish.
You would just need a diverse list of query sources, or they could track excess queries from a single IP and stop registering your queries.
Does this help or is this innately flawed?

Posted by: Bill at March 7, 2005 09:01 PM

I have had a domain name hijacked by these people and I have offered them everything at $100 the domain name they hold received next to no traffic at all. Although I don't think it is illegal in what they do morally is a completely different story.

I do however think there must be some legal argument against saying they are acting on behalf of of their clients when we all know that they are the ones registering them. I approached them about selling my domain name and they are not willing to do so so this definitely suggest they do not act on behalf of of clients.

If they were a little more honest and take reasonable amounts of money they could probably make a lot of money certainly a lot more in what they are making now. There's probably many of us on this forum that would have paid 50 or 60 or $70 for the domains back but because of their greed this will be their downfall.

I urge nobody to deal with this company.

Posted by: Steven at March 8, 2005 07:59 AM

OK, we need to stop whining and complaining - and do something against them. Someone suggested a class-action suit, and I'm in favor, but first we need to determine who we are dealing with, and where they are located. I think there is some evidence that they are not in Kenya, but in the US. If that's the case, we need to find out their real address - and, ideally, the name of the people who are behind this very shady operation. Any leads? Any ideas on how to get this info?

Posted by: fed up at March 8, 2005 12:01 PM

I am yet another individual whose domain was snagged by Kenyatech. Fed up: check out the http://www.kenyatech.com link posted above.

Posted by: Ryan at March 10, 2005 12:47 AM

Some comments:

The foul language is not going to help.

Stop worrying about how they act like they are dealing with a "client". If if that part went away, they are still a lowlife problem.

Stop thinking class action because they are offshore.

Now, how do we get ICANN to do something? We must start acting rational.

Posted by: Gene at March 15, 2005 04:36 PM

I have a client who has actually purchased their domain name back from Kenyatech, but has not received any administrative information about the domain name.

I see that a couple/few people have mentioned they were going to see if the company was at least realistic once a domain name was purchased. But I haven't seen any replies with what happened once the purchase was made.

At this point, we don't know how to access the domain name he purchased, and we're waiting for comfirmation that the purchase is legit, etc...

Any comments?


Posted by: Reed at March 16, 2005 02:23 PM

Hello - I posted a pile of identity information about this company which I compiled 6 months ago when i first ran into them. I posted it here: http://kenyatechwatch.com/discusskt/viewtopic.php?t=6

I would like to urge others to sign up and participate in the threaded discussion forum at this site as well. It will be much mor conducive to organizing a response than this one, big, long list here. I see more questions than answers so far.

- SK

Posted by: S.Kelly at March 21, 2005 12:33 AM

This is a follow up to my December 16 post. The short version of the story is that I have my domain name back from Kenyatech. The longer version of the story is posted here: http://www.kenyatechwatch.com/discusskt/viewtopic.php?t=8

I hope this helps somebody.

Doug Chase

Posted by: Doug at March 27, 2005 09:09 PM

The World Intellectual Property Organization ruled against Kenyatech. Please check out this link:


I think this was the first time that someone filed a complaint against Kenyatech - and they won. Now THAT'S what I call good news. No money for cybersquatters!

Posted by: clesp at April 9, 2005 09:30 AM

Hey, warning!!!!!

There might be a commonality in some of the cases here:

I made LOTS of whois queries to check the availability of the domain i wanted to take over (it was just a really abandoned domain!) I think that part of the strategy of kentech is to study the whois database INDEED!

I dug my own grave I guess...

We can s-c-r-e-w them big time, as indicated by a poster, just above. The searches have to be realistic though! just make loads of researches for domains like:


etc... not totally off the wall domains!

Too bad for all the guys screwed here, kenyatech will probably go down soon, but the domain names will be unavailable in the mean time... I doubt that they hold on a domain more than one year, if it doesn't drag much traffic (since the seem to use them both for resell and for ads...).

I recently read that they got less than 100 deals via paypal... the average amount would be 500$

We can estimate that they have made 500 to 1000 deals of that nature.

which amounts to 500.000$... but they also registered 140.000 domain names. I don't know how much it costs them, since "they" are a registrar... can a registrar register as many domains as he/she wants? If a registering costs only 4$ they are bankrupt!

Sincere sympathy for those who've been screwed!

Posted by: whois overuser at April 11, 2005 04:24 PM

They stole mine to :S

Posted by: Lindsey Searle at April 25, 2005 06:37 PM

kenyatech has accepted my offer $350...bastards! of course I didn't do it, just wanted to know how far they'd go.

Also a big thank you (NOT!) to "Verio" webhosting (webhosting my ass!) who failed to help out.
My domainname was first registred by someone-not-important and Verio was his host. the domainname and website wasn't active at the time, due to the fact that the domain was expired. I took the chance to find out exactly what to do to obtain my future domainname. Asked Verio via various Emails what I should do? Answer: wait untill it becomes available!

The 13th of August 2004 I wrote:
(Yes I know I need to wait until the domain name becomes available, but the problem is that according to your information it should already be
available: the expire date is the 26th of June!!)

they (verio)wrote:
Unfortunatly this is not how the registry operates. After the domain expires it is still able to be renewed by the client for up to 45 days and is still held with the registrar. After this time frame the registry revokes the rights to the domain name but allows the client another 30 days to reclaim the domain name at a higher fee. If the domain is not reclaimed during this time only then does the deletion process begin which can take a few more months.

So you see, my only option was; I had to check everyday for 45 days + 30 days + a few more months if my (future) domainname became available. Suddenly, one day I found out....Kenyatech.

If anyone here ever finds a sollution, count me in.
Regards S

Posted by: sjiefels at April 29, 2005 05:42 AM


Il existe une 'entité' qui récupère des NDD (noms de domaines) de façon abusive, parfois à la limite de la légalité, et en tout cas d'une manière totalement irrespectueuse de l'éthique.

Cette société s'appelle kenyatech.com

Le problème est que les victimes ne découvrent cette 'société' que lorsque le mal est fait. C'est pourquoi j'aimerais qu'un maximum de webmestres réalisent le risque et la gêne manifeste que représente l'usurpation d'un NDD MAINTENANT, avant qu'il ne soit trop tard pour VOUS!

En résumé:

à chaque fois qu'un NDD qui a génère du traffic est remis en circulation accidentellement, même très provisoirement, il y a de fortes chances qu'il soit happé par kenyatech.

Vous me direz... c'est pas un scoop! Ca arrive tous les jours... des milliers de NDD deviennent 'achetables' parceque le proprio a décidé de ne pas le renouveller, ou, plus grave, parcequ'il y a eu un 'problème' pour le renouvellement.

Mais attention, le cas des VAUTOURS de chez kenyatech... c'est que leur strétégie est BEAUCOUP PLUS PERVERSE!

Je vais la détailler point par point. (nb: ces différents points peuvent être vérifiés si vous faites une recherche sur google par ex. avec le terme "vol de domaine" ou "kenyatech"...)


1: Kenyatech rachète des TONNES de NDD libérés. (j'ai lu le chiffre de +144.000!)

2: Kenyatech les transforme en pages parking avec liens publicitaires. Et profite ainsi du traffic habituel de ces NDD.

3: Kenyatech propose aux ex-propriétaires malheureux ( et je les plains!) de racheter leur NDD... via une magouille qui laisse croire que c'est une TIERCE personne qui possède les NDD. Ensuite, habituellement, Kenyatech propose de faire une OFFRE d'ACHAT qui (toujours soi-disant) sera soumise à la tierce personne. J'ai personnellement proposé quelques offres de rachat (pour un domaine vampirisé par eux et que je préfère garder secret) mais toutes ont été refusées... D'après mes lectures, ils acceptent seulement à partir de $250, mais le plus souvent le prix est au delà de la valeur réelle du NDD.

4: Kenyatech cherche à faire un double profit:
1: pub grâce aux pages parking.
2: marge énorme grâce à la revente du NDD.

5: La cible de Kenyatech est bizarre: ils rachètent à tour de bras des NDD libérés (je ne sais pas à combien ça leur revient...) par des entreprises et aussi des NDD
libérés par des particuliers. Ils rachètent des NDD de particuliers qui n'ont aucun intérêt commercial...parfois pas même du point de vue du simple traffic... leur seul objectif semble être de REVENDRE le domaine à son créateur... car il est le seul intéressé!

6: Kenyatech est une entité bizarre, qui cumule deux fonctions qu'il est peut-être illégal de cumuler: registrar ET vendeur par enchères de NDD. Ca leur donne une marge de manoeuvre énorme.

7: Kenyatech (d'après mes recherches) utilise peut-être des logs de requêtes WHOIS pour 'piquer' les NDD aux entrepreneurs et webmestres, en leur coupant l'herbe sous le pied.

8: Kenyatech achète des NDD AVANT même que ceux-ci soient entrés dans la période initiale de renouvellement où ils devraient être achetables. (Il y a des témoignages à ce sujet.)

9: Kenyatech snipe (= achète en utilisant des systèmes automatiques) les NDD pour devancer les webmestres qui comptent racheter leur NDD légitime juste quand celui_ci devient achetable (qui peut se permettre de payer un service incertain de SNIPE ou de BUY BACK à $50 quand il y a eu un problème lors du renouvellement, par ex. et qu'on doit attendre la fin du cycle de renouvellement)

10: Kenyatech utilise UNIQUEMENT un compte PAYPAL pour ces transactions lors du rachat de NDD, via une mise en vente par offres libres. Est-ce un signe de sérieux? Je vous le demande!

11: Kenyatech exige d'être payé entièrement avant de changer le proprio du NDD.

12: Kenyatech n'est pas basé au kenya (Afrique) mais aux USA. (Et dès qu'un client mécontent s'énerve, ils l'accusent de racisme anti-kénya.... lol).

13: Kenyatech est une entreprise floue et dure à cerner (contacts etc).

14: Kenyatech a déjà perdu un procès engagé par une entreprise hollandaise. (cf recherche sur kenyatech). Mais la plupart des victimes de ces PARASITES répugnants que sont kenyatech (ou kentech selon les cas, lol) ne peuvent pas se permettre d'engager des poursuites... trop cher, trp risqué..., trop compliqué.

15: Des listes se sont créées pour unir les victimes et peut-être tenter une action commune.

16: Une grande majorité de NDD usurpés est constituée de NDD totalement ridicules et invendables... mais qui ont beaucoup de valeur pour des petits webmestres, souvent amateurs, et qui ont investi énormément de temps et de passion dans leur création personnelle.

Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir. Faites savoir autour de vous que même les petits domaines innocents d'amateurs peuvent être piqués au vol par les vautours de kenyatech.

Mes conseils de PURE NOVICE:

1: Blindez vos noms de domaines (avec le registrar lock).
2: Renouvellez avec un chouillat d'AVANCE sur la première échéance du cycle.
3: Déposez votre nom comme marque(?)
4: Limitez vos requêtes WHOIS au maximum si vous prévoyez de racheter un nom de domaine qui va se libérer... je pense en avoir fait une par jour, pour m'assurer de l'avancée du cycle de renouvellement du domaine que je convoitais. (Il ne m'appartenanit pas et avait été abandonné quelques mois plus tôt.)

J'attends vos réactions et conseils d'experts face à ce phénomène qui dépasse la simple marchandisation et spéculation sur les NDD.

Posted by: French and angry at April 29, 2005 11:36 AM

Possible courses of action against Kenyatech:
1. Take your case to the World Intellectual Property Organization. As mentioned above, the WIPO has already filed against Kenyatech, forcing them to return the domain to its rightful owner (http://arbiter.wipo.int/domains/decisions/html/2005/d2005-0127.html).

2. As some of you might have read on another forum (kenyatechwatch.com), there is plenty of evidence that Kenyatech, or at least part of its operations, are not in Kenya, but here in Lousiana. There is also plenty of evidence that leads to the CEO of Intercosmos and DomainContender, Sigmund Solares, who according to WIPO has before tried to register domains on bad faith - and has tried to hide his identity while he did so. As I mentioned, all the details are at kenyatechwatch.com and I encourage you to read it. Sigmund's emails, in case you care to let him know how you feel about his cybersquatting activities are:

Posted by: come on at May 1, 2005 08:57 PM

Yo,..they stole my domain too. It was in redemption for non payment at a bad webhost. The only thing I did was do a whois search for it to see when redemption was up. Also had my new web host (paid) watching for it to get it back,.. then... Kenyapoop snatched it before my new WebHost could. I had that domain for quite a few years too,..now it's gone. I offered a $500.00 bid but it was denied!!

I sure hope I never meet this Kenyapoopyface in public.

Posted by: miek at May 6, 2005 09:17 PM

Hi all. Yup, I got swiped by the bastards too. And my domain was my own name, nothing anybody could possibly use! I did a WHOIS on networksolutions dot com (free to all) and this is what they came up with:

Orion Web
1st Floor Muya House
Kenyatta Ave.
p. o. box 4276-30100
Eldoret, KE 30100

I did a google search on Orion Web, found one in IL, USA, so go figure. In the event they actually are in Kenya, if someone is heading there, could I ask you to go there via Syria and pick up one or two suicide bombers on the way? It'll be worth a beer to me when you get back.

Posted by: Fred at May 9, 2005 11:21 PM

Celebrities are also going to WIPO to get their domains back. Please don't pay cybersquatters - that's just helping scum like Kenyatech and Sigmund Solares stay in this awful "business."

From today's IMDB:

Morgan Freeman Wins Cybersquatting Case

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman has won a cybersquatting case in a ruling by an international arbitrator. The Million Dollar Baby star was yesterday found to have common law rights to the contested internet domain name, which had been registered by a St Kitts and Nevis-based website operator. The operator, identified as Mighty LLC, misused Freeman's trademark to lure surfers to its website in "bad faith", independent arbitrator Peter Nitter said in a ruling. The ruling was announced by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), a United Nations agency which promotes protection of trademarks and patents, and whose arbitration centre resolves disputes over domain names. Freeman joins the ranks of entertainers including Julia Roberts, Spike Lee, Madonna and Eminem who have won their cases under WIPO's procedure.

Posted by: no money for cybersquatters! at May 11, 2005 03:35 PM

One of my client's .org name was also swiped by these sob's. Due to their then registrant, who failed to pay the registration renewal, my client's .org site was taken by yenyatech. As soon as I saw what had happened, I registered the .com for my client (with godaddy.com, the only way to go) so no major harm was done except my client had to change all their business cards.
The domain name in question would be of no use to anyone not in my client's industry, and they are very well known so probably no one would try to buy it. I tried to explain this to kenyatech, but so far they have refused $40. for the domain name. To hell with them!!
Some posters have mentioned that kenyatech seems to be looking at the whois database for their information. Do they get the expiring information or can they see the domains that have been looked up, whether they are expiring or not? Would appreciate any comments on this and whether kenyatech will actually follow through on accepted bids.

Posted by: Alfredo at May 18, 2005 03:39 PM

look here for useful info:

Posted by: someone at May 24, 2005 04:16 AM

A friend had his domain sniped.
I've been doing some digging..and feeling pretty hopeless and confused in attempting to follow all kinds of false leads.
Personally,I wouldn't pay the extortionate price they are demanding.They truly are a seedy outfit.The I.P. which some 13,000 sniped domains now resolve to is blacklisted for spamming.
Since snatching expired domains is not illegal,can Kenyatech be pursued for spamming...and possible identity theft if their previous incarnations are anything to go by?

Posted by: Sid at May 25, 2005 05:44 PM

here is siggys La State Bar Assoc registration as i live just 4 hours away i may take a trip to the big (smelly) easy with my digi cam and see if i can snap a portrait of this creep, menawhile it may pay for some to register complaints with the lsba, it may not pan out but at least it will flag his membership, and if he screws up in a real manner he will loose his license to practice and hence his family will starve, mmmm goody


Close Window

LSBA Membership Profile

Mr. Sigmund Joseph Solares

Primary Address

650 Poydras St Ste 1150


New Orleans






(504) 274-2106


(504) 566-0484

* Parish



Attorney at Law

* Board District

1st - LSBA Board District

* Judicial District

Orleans Parish

Date Admitted


* Based on member’s preferred mailing address which

Posted by: britboyy at May 26, 2005 12:13 AM

you guys should mention about the fraud of "Kenyatech" in Wiki.

Posted by: wornatural at June 18, 2005 06:38 PM

Contact Icann to complain. This is the organization which authorizes registrars - and which allowed Sigmund Solares, who has been found to have registered domains in bad faith before, to become the CEO of two registrars: intercosmos and domaincontender, both of which he's now using as a cover for his cybersquatting activities.
This is Icann Contact info:

Phone: +1.310.823.9358

Let's pressure them. Someone like Sigmund Solares (whose emails are sig@domaincontender.com and sig@intercosmos.com in case there are some spammers checking this site) should not be in charge of domain registration. It's like hiring Michael Jackson as a babysitter!

In the meantime, you can also make fake offers at the Kenyatech site. What would happen if the thousands of people who've had their address stolen by Kenyatech take 30 seconds of their time, every day, to make a fake offer? We could drive them crazy with fake requests - using fake email addresses. Let's DROWN the man with email bounces!

Posted by: sig solares is a thief at June 19, 2005 10:45 PM

I think sending our complaints to Icann through email or a formal mail is a very good idea.

And here's its snail mail address:

4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 330
Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6601


Let's give them all the informations that we've found about Kenyatech.

Posted by: peter at June 20, 2005 05:04 AM

Yep, I join the ranks of people to whom KenyaTech has bent over and thrown a good screwing.

My site, idgonemad.com, was registered through a Tucows, INC. reseller, NewGlobalNet. In April of this year, my domain was set to expire, so I filled out all the necessary gibberish to renew it, expecting everything to go to plan. And it did not. Apparently, NewGlobalNet got out of the business and did not have the decency to wrap up their loose ends or even tell anyone. This resulted in my multiple attempts to renew failing to be processed, my inability to reach them via e-mail or telephone, and ultimately my utter inability to renew and secure my domain name. I also attempted to contact Tucows, INC several times and likewise received no response; they make it clear on their web site their relation to domain owners, and on one side is Tucows, INC, on the other are domain owners, and in the middle are the Resellers, like NewGlobalNet. Tucows *will not* directly deal with domain owners.

End result, my only course of action is to await the deletion of my domain from record and reacquire it, so I set GoDaddy.com up to do just that... and KenyaTech, somehow, beats them to it.

I'm not sure how, either. The only WHOIS site I would use to check on the domain's status was through InterNIC, which is closely tied to the ICANN, and I figured it'd be secure (and I still do, but would love that to be verified). I do not know the inner workings of querying the WHOIS database, but if people are able to find out what domain names are being queried, then it direly needs redesign and a reputable site for private, secure WHOIS querying needs to be devised.

Outside all that, I have precious few words of wisdom and experience for you all, and here they are:

Do not do business with a Tucows, INC. reseller (or any reseller, for that matter). If you want a domain name, do your business directly through a registrar, even if it's a few dollars more. Dealing with a middle-man can only increase the potential for a catastrophic failure in maintaining the security and ownership of your domain name.

Posted by: Arthur at July 10, 2005 07:13 PM

I've just spoken with a lawyer today and I have a case against these folks. However, he thinks it would be smarter to get this turned into a class action lawsuit to really teach these folks a message. If you are interested in fighting back, please visit my site www.rederon.net (this is where I am putting all the information) or e-mail me at elfstar(at)rederon.net

Posted by: Ron LeFew at July 26, 2005 04:18 PM

Ok, these bastards at kenya tech stole my Domain as well... they took WWW.Graphlickz.com.. I own the .us .gov .net. but they took my .com..... I run a buisness and this is KILLING ME!!!!

Someone help me out PLZ>>>>>>


If anyone is filing a suit please get in touch with me at (Muslickz (at) Gmail.com

It used to be Muslickz@graphlickz.com.....
But we know how that went.

Posted by: Michael at July 29, 2005 10:19 AM

I made several offers to buy back my boyfriend's (fn/ln) domain name, to no avail. They declined all offers, refused to set a price, and eventually I came to the conclusion that this guy's thrill is control-based, not driven by financial gain. Hard to beleive, but I went as high as $1,000, (not that I would have actually PAID that, but I wanted to see what it would taken to get back a virtually useless website!) A personal website, useless to anyone, except of course its namesake. In this case, the domain registration was tied to the inaccessible domain name - so we could not renew the registration, because we could not access the necessary email! In our case, I doubt the who-is registry had anything to do with it, but Kenyatech definitly has access to lists of registrations about to expire, and probably acquires them by the thousands - anyone with this little moral fibre and even limited technical know-how could do the same. Too bad there are people like this in the world, but that's just how it is.
I doubt they pay anything to acquire these domains, by the way. Anyone can register any domain name, for free, if they are in the right place at the right time. You're not paying to register the name, you're paying to host the site.

Posted by: Kenyatechareasshoolesbutithinktheresnothingwecando at July 31, 2005 01:08 PM

This terrorist also stole my .com. I have links on countless other sites and people depend on my site for the latest infomation. Please include my company in any class action suite..Free the web..

Posted by: John at August 22, 2005 07:03 AM

There is an article about kenyatech and sigmund solares up at www.rootfest.net/squatters.html

Posted by: guest at September 17, 2005 02:57 AM

Go to mgno.com or http://www.livejournal.com/users/interdictor/

Sig is coming back Monday, flood their emails.

There you can find a pic of the lovely Sig as well.

Posted by: guest at September 18, 2005 10:08 PM

And here's your lovely sig:


Posted by: guest at September 18, 2005 10:11 PM

On Friday (Sept. 16th, 2005), I did a Whois search for a .com of my name and it was available. This morning (Sept. 19th), I was about to register the domain but to my dismay, I read that it was sold to Kenyatech!

Kenyatech knew that I did a Whois search and that is why they purchased my name. It's a sad feeling to have your name taken by a thief. In time, perhaps within the next few days, I imagine that someone from Kenyatech will read this post. I'm sorry that Kenyatech has hurt so many people.

The public should be warned about this threat and it would be groovy if all of those captured names would someday be released.

Certainly, there must be a way to fix this problem. Perhaps a bright attorney or law student could champion this cause.

Posted by: Robbed at September 19, 2005 05:23 PM

I would like to make a correction on my comment earlier today. When I said that I had done a "Whois search", I actually meant to say, that I had checked the availability of the domain name on Godaddy. The Whois search that I was referring to was concerning an altogether different domain.

Sorry about the mix-up but I was a bit flustered at the time.

Posted by: Robbed at September 20, 2005 01:34 AM

Sigmund Solares

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sigmund Solares (Sigmund J. Solares) is the CEO of two registrars: Intercosmos and Domaincontender, both of which he's now using as a cover for his cybersquatting activities. Cybersquatting is a derogatory term used to describe the practice of registering and claiming rights over Internet domain names which are, arguably, not for the taking.

Sigmund has a background registering domains in bad faith, and has before tried to conceal his identity in the shady domain registrations, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Posted by: Sig Solares is a cybersquattter at September 21, 2005 03:32 PM

As some of you might be aware, Sigmund Solares has been receiving kudos recently, because he managed to keep his operating running despite Katrina.
There are some websites where people congratulate him, and even suggest he should run for mayor!
Please, take the time to google his name to find those websites and boards, and contact them, to let them know the cybersquatter who hides behind Sigmund Solares pristine image. We need people to know the real Solares - if the public finds out about his shady activities he might have to reconsider trying to make money on the side as a cybersquatter.

Posted by: Sigmund Solares is a thief at September 26, 2005 01:30 PM

All of you should stop whining and criticizing Sigmund Solares, and start praising him for the extraordinary business man he is.

Let’s examine the facts: He used his position as a CEO of two registrars (Intercosmos and Domaincontender) to take your domains, and now he’s asking hundreds or thousands of dollars to sell them back to you. So what? He was in a unique position to acquire thousands of domains without paying a dime for them, and took advantage of it. He also knew Icann would do nothing to stop him because, let’s face it, they never do squat. So, he used his knowledge and his power to own thousands of domains for free – how genius it that?

Because Sig (since I’m a huge fan of his, I’ll start calling him Sig from now on) is such a visionary and knew some small-minded people would question the morality and legality of his actions, and would appeal to the World Intellectual Property Organization or, even worse, take him to court, he used an alias: a company in Kenya, appropriately named Kenyatech. Again, Sig was one step (if not many) ahead of you. You surely can’t blame him for that.

Besides, is it really Sigmund’s fault that you choose to transfer your domain to a crappy registrar that didn’t do its job on time? Or that you went on your honeymoon just when your domain needed renewing? Of course not. If anything, you should be grateful to Sig for teaching you a lesson – just like you should be if a pickpocket takes your wallet from your semi-open purse, or someone robs you while you are walking alone at 4 am. It’s all your damn fault, so thank and learn.

After months of admiring Sig in silence, I’ve decided to follow his steps. As both a way to make money and as homage to my hero, I’ve registered two domains:
www.sigmundjsolares.com (Bet you didn’t know Sig’s middle name was Joseph, huh? But that’s the reason he and I are going places – we know stuff other people don’t.)

These domains, of course, are for sale, and I’ll consider any offer starting at $100,000 each (I know it’s a little steep, but Sig is surely worth it). Both domains currently point to a Male Escort Service, but I do not mean to imply that’s the kind of job Sigmund does. Not my hero. It was just a way to attracting attention and differentiating my domains from all those others that just have “This domain is for sale” signs. (How dull is that?)

And since Sig has an alias, I’ve decided to use one myself. From now on, call me Congotech (I know, it’s a little corny, but what can I say? My admiration for the man knows no boundaries.)

That’s it for now. Please pass the word along – my budding domain selling operation needs all the promotion it can get. Thanks again and let the bidding begin!!


Posted by: congotech at October 17, 2005 04:09 PM

Sig and his cronies have been deleting information on the cybersquatter-in-chief from Craig’s List and Wikipedia - a clear sign that our campain to tell people about Solares’ shady activities is making him nervous. Please keep up the postings -especially in Wikipedia, where the postings are being deleted several times a day- to let people know who the real Sigmund Solares is.

Posted by: another victim at November 11, 2005 05:13 PM


Sigmund Solares cybersquats the domain a mother created in honor of her dead child - and demands $15,000 to give it back.
Any comments please contact him at:

'I Don't Know If It's A Scam Or A Crime, But It Hurts'

November 11, 2005

By KOMO Staff

SEATTLE - She started a Web site to honor her murdered toddler. But now, a local mother says the site has been hijacked, and the hijackers are demanding a steep ransom.

It's the heartbreaking consequences of something called "cyber-squatting".

Margot Wetzel just can't believe the Web site honoring her dead daughter is gone.

"I don't know if it's a scam or a crime, but it hurts," she said.

18-month-old Charlotte Wetzel was murdered by her daycare provider Robin Johnson 7 years ago.

CharlotteWetzel.com chronicled a mother's grief and offered tips on preventing abuse.

But when Margot tried to renew the domain name, she discovered that someone else beat her to it.

Then, she got an e-mail demanding she pay $15,000 to get it back.

"Well they're basically holding it for ransom, right?" she said. "It's like, 'yeah, you can use it but we need some cash.' "

PC World columnist Stuart Johnston says it's called "cyber-squatting". Usually, cybersquatters buy up the names of successful businesses and then try to sell them back.

But Johnston says he's never seen anything like this.

"I haven't seen anything that's quite this heinous of someone taking a domain name that's so close to someone's heart," Johnston said.

We found out who bought the domain name -- they're called New Orleans Leftover Data Centers. We tried calling them to find out just what they're up to, but every time we called, we got the answering machine.

We also sent the company several emails and got no response.

"They just want to make money off people, they don't really care what the Web site is all about," Margot said.

Charlottewetzel.com will be up for renewal again in 2006. Margot says she'll be ready, hoping to beat these cyber squatters to the punch.

There are federal laws against cyber-squatting, but experts tell us they only apply to cases where the Web site was trademarked.

Posted by: Sig is scum at November 13, 2005 01:29 PM

I have the same problem, my domain is catched by kenyatech.com. When I ask my domain host to get is back, no one reply. In this case, my company has many problem of losing this domain.

Our all product is use this domain as a logo and branded name. Lot of trouble now.

How relly can I do?


Posted by: david at November 19, 2005 10:57 PM

Kenyatech.com is going down. They screwed with the wrong person this time. People should know their audience.

No more whining about this - I am filing complaints with local and state authorities in my state, the state of Louisana where those pricks have their so called "business", as well as complaints with the BBB for DIRECTNIC because that is who they actually are.

They are DIRECTNIC and Kenyatech one in the same. Someone over there is gaining access to the WHOIS search database, then registering the names BEFORE you have a chance to. Then they are demanding money for your own searched and previously free domain name. FUCK THAT.

They're done. Its over for them. Their shady little operation as well as DIRECTNIC the registrar as well as the scum that work there will be doing PRISON time real soon!

Go to the www.bbb.com and your state and local authorities and FLOOD them with complaints until these asswipes in New Orleans WISHED that God wiped them, too, off the face of the earth!

Posted by: mike at November 22, 2005 11:03 AM

Here's another site discussing this:


Posted by: mike at November 22, 2005 12:54 PM

BBB is not that great. I filed a complaint with them when this whole thing initially started and it's all "she said, he said." You tell them about Directnic unlawful activities, DIrectnic denies any wrong doing and in the end, nothing is achieved. A lawsuit is the way to go, in my opinion.

Posted by: BBB is not that great at November 23, 2005 03:22 PM

Hi People,
Please read up on something about domain nmaes before writing meaningless threats hre. For your own sake. If you are careless enough to let your domain expire, its your fault. You can register the domain for 10 years if you want. If you have a reasonable claim on the domain, get a lawyer and file UDRP. I dont see anything wrong with what those guys do. Its called Capitalism. They are just taking advantage of some peoples carelessness and ignorance. Its life. Move on.

Posted by: david at December 20, 2005 01:03 AM

Actually, David, what Kenyatech is doing is breaking the law. There is an anti-cybersquatting act, which they have violated by registering trademark names and people's names.
John Zuccarini was also another "capitalist" (according to you) who tried this route and he got fined $500,000 for his cybersquatting activities.
So why don't you get your facts straight before defending crooks and lecturing people on how to go on about their businesses and life?

Posted by: david is an idiot at December 25, 2005 12:11 PM

The only people defending Kenyatech aka Directnic.com aka noldc.com aka Orion Web aka Spiral Matrix aka Sigmund Solares aka Intercosmos Media aka are the scum that actually know and/or work with Shithead Solares.

The facts are straight... The slime in New Orleans USA isnt just from the sludge de la Katrina - its those in and around directnic.com and the media is all over it already.

Posted by: mike at December 29, 2005 01:34 AM

this "david" person is probably david nalle, who has been defending sigmund solares (and cybersquatting) for months. he says he's not related to solares, but i'm not sure i believe him. then again, his arguments are so idiotic that he might be telling the truth and he's just a clueless moron who thinks any thief is OK as long as he's making money and he doesn't get caught.

Posted by: david is really an idiot at December 30, 2005 12:20 PM

unfortunately, there are a couple of daves (nalle and zan) who claim to be "unrelated" to sigmund solares, but curiously have devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort to defending the cybersquatter in chief.
i wonder - are they his accomplices or simply ignorant losers with too much free time in their hands?
it doesn't matter. nothing changes the fact that sigmund solares is a thief.

Posted by: dave zan is also an idiot at January 4, 2006 05:15 PM

The Wikipedia people are not particularly sharp. Every time someone writes an article mentioning the cybersquatting activities of Sigmund Solares, they call that "vandalism."

But even they have evidence of the relationship between Sig Solares and Kenyatech. Several months ago, they wrote this warning (see below) to an anonymous user who made two editions: wrote an article on Kenyatech (which according to them was "not unlike a paid advertisement") and deleted an article on Sigmund Solares which pointed out that cybersquatter Solares is, well, a cybersquatter. Mmm, I wonder - who in the world could have been interested in both promoting Kenyatech and hiding Solares' illegal activities? Anyone? That's a real tough one!!

At this point, someone would have to be blind or have an IQ below 50 not to realize that SIGMUND SOLARES IS KENYATECH.

From Wikipedia:

Hello, anonymous user I have noticed your edits on two articles, Kenyatech and Sigmund Solares.

Your edits to Kenyatech have gave the article an unacceptably promotional tone not unlike a paid advertisement. Wikipedia is not for advertising any product or service.
You have twice blanked the Sigmund Solares article ([1], [2]). Blanking content from pages is not an acceptable way of addressing content you disagree with. If you feel that this article should be deleted for whatever reason (such as Mr. Solares not being notable enough for inclusion in Wikipedia) you should nominate it using the Votes for deletion process.

Posted by: Sig Solares IS Kenyatech at January 9, 2006 05:01 PM

Well, unfortunately, the ignorant morons in charge of Wikipedia keep deleting the truth about Solares - and replacing it with the PR version of his bio. Personally, I think Wikipedia is garbage, but it is one of the most popular sites in the Web, and it’s obvious Sig cares about it. I even found a board of his cronies asking for help deleting “the personal attacks” against Solares in Wikipedia - of course, not one of them questioned the truth about those attacks.
So if you can, please email Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder, to ask him to print the truth about Solares. Wales’s email is:

Posted by: sol at January 13, 2006 07:24 PM

I just found this message, in an Icann forum that has now been closed. Please check out the date: 2002. I believe this is way before Kenyatech started its operations -- so Sigmund Solares has been stealing from people for years now, and no one (least of all Icann) has done anything to stop him....

Username: gillwall
Date/Time: Mon, March 18, 2002 at 1:58 PM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Score: 5


I am shocked by the way DIRECTNIC
is treating its customers :
- Never refunded overbilling !
- Stolen .biz domain names !
That happens to me, but who cares ?
I can officially prove that SIGMUND SOLARES
is a crook and it is only the beginning of
my complaint.
Gilles Wallart from Paris, France

Posted by: surprised at January 17, 2006 01:36 AM

While the forum mentioned above is closed, there are other public forums at Icann. In their own words, Welcome "Email from the general public concerning At-Large Advisory Committee and At-Large community activities is encouraged. Interested parties should send their comments to . Comments submitted will be publicly posted."

Please email them and tell them about Solares.

Posted by: surprised at January 17, 2006 01:58 AM

In response to gripes about wikipedia: You need to show solid, verifiable proof that it was Sigmund Solares who registered that domain to get money out of that woman.

Someone argued on the talk page of the article "What's next? You can't write that Hitler is a fascist dictator or that someone is a murderer? A fact is a fact is a fact. Isn't that what Wikipedia is for?"
Ignoring the fact they've godwinned themselves, we KNOW Hitler was a facist dictator, it's well documented and recorded. We KNOW that someone (say, Byron Looper, look him up) was charged with murder. It was well documented.

So far, the only verifiable evidence that I have seen, regarding this situation, is a news article about the domain being taken. It makes no mention of Solares, or that he was involved in it. If you can show actual evidence it was him (and not someone else), and not just something you wrote in a blog, you can put it in the wikipedia article. I myself would like to get to the bottom of all this. Whoever was trying to get money out that women is a grade A arsehole, and needs to die, slowly, and in public, quite frankly.

Someone should mention this at Something Awful. I believe they are hosted on one of the services run by that company, and would not like the idea of the hosts being cruel arseholes. They have so many users, SOMEONE would have to be able to dig something up. If you don't have an account, and don't want to get one, try getting in contact with a few members, and present your evidence. Once again, I'd like to get to the bottom of this as much as any of you. Another site to mention this on might be YTMND. They have a sizable community. And we know from recent events, that the community are happy to unite behind a cause (they and some other sites DDoSed eBaum's World for stealing content). SA forum members did something similar a while back.

Believe me, there are a good number of things on wikipedia I'd like to say. Unfortunately, I have no proof. Until then, I'm not putting it in.

To sum up: You need proof, written by professionals, not hearsay.

Anyway, thankfully, it seems that woman got the domain back.

I'm going to post this on the other two blog pages I found, if I can, so someone notices it.

Posted by: me at January 17, 2006 09:58 AM

The article on CharlotteWetzel.com very clearly states that the site was taken by New Orleans Leftover Data Centers, which demanded $15,000 to give it back to its lawful owner, a woman who created the website to honor her murdered daughter.
Well, New Orleans Leftover Data Centers (NOLDC.com) belongs to Sigmund Solares. This is not hearsay. This is a fact - one that anyone with a brain and Internet access can easily verify. Since you obviously only have the latter, here is a press release sent by NOLDC.

Alternative Identity Allows Anonymous Domain Registrations: Service Launched Early in 2002 Gains in Popularity

NEW ORLEANS, LA, September 18, 2002 – Early in 2002, N.O.L.D.C., Inc. launched an anonymous domain name registration website, www.alternativeidentity.com, that has soared in popularity in recent months.

The company, a sister corporation of Intercosmos Media Group, Inc., which runs one of the top 10 domain name registrars, directNIC.com, offers secure, private domain name registrations for a variety of uses, including:

• Companies who need to keep their domain name acquisitions and online projects secret from their competition.
• Individuals who are afraid of being stalked or harassed because of the content of their web site.
• Individuals who want to protect their families from stalkers, predators, scam artists and others who find their victims on the Internet.
• Anyone who has the legal right to maintain their privacy.

The service has attracted thousands of domain registrations and is growing by the month.

The fee per domain name is US$10 per year per domain for the first twenty domain names, and US$2 per year per domain name for each additional domain name. The fees are for the anonymous service and are in addition to domain registration fees.

For more information on Alternative Identity, visit http://alternativeidentity.com For information on Intercosmos, visit http://www.intercosmos.com. Legal counsel for Alternative Identity, Sigmund Solares, can be reached at (504) 679-5170, ext. 106.

company: N.O.L.D.C., Inc.
contact person: Sigmund Solares
phone: (504) 679-5170, x106
site: http://alternativeidentity.com

Get it? NOLDC is Sigmund Solares's company. This is public information (hell, even the idiots at Wikipedia have NOLDC as one of the external links in the Solares profile, and judging from this case, I would say they have about three brain cells). If you go to the NOLDC.com website, you'll find it says: "NOLDC stands for New Orleans Leftover Data Centers." And this is the company that took charlottewetzel.com and demanded $15,000 for returning it. And this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Solares' cybersquatting. Get it now? 1+1= 2. If you still don't get it, I feel sorry for you.

Posted by: "you" are an idiot at January 17, 2006 12:17 PM

The comment posted by "me" at January 17, 2006 09:58 AM proves the Wikiheads are not the sharpest people around. For me, Wikipedia has about the same credibility as James Frey. Since the Wikiheads are so clueless, let me spell what that means: ZERO, ZILCH, NONE. Wikipedia sucks!!! (And Sigmund Solares is still a crook.)

Posted by: wikipedia sucks at January 17, 2006 08:18 PM

Yeah, fuck you too, retard.

If you want to get this fucker, you won't do it by bitching about it on wikipedia. In the bigger situation, WHO REALLY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT WIKIPEDIA?

I'll just paste in what the author of the other blog I posted this in said in reply to my message:

"You've got it exactly right regarding Wikipedia and the larger situation. Crazy allegations get no one anywhere. Some facts, some documentation and a lawyer are what you need to take down Solares if that's your goal."

Posted by: Me at January 17, 2006 09:13 PM

Crude, ignorant and a moron: must be tough being you.

Posted by: Somone with a high IQ (unlike you) at January 17, 2006 10:39 PM

Any more facially abusive comments without information will be deleted and the IPs banned.

Posted by: PG at January 17, 2006 11:54 PM

Whoever added the controversy section in the article at wikipedia:
did the right job. Link is current version as of writing.

Posted by: Me at January 18, 2006 01:17 AM

The controversy section had been deleted, once again showing Wikipedia's lack of interest in having accurate, complete information -- and the ignorance of Wikiheads. They deleted it on the grounds that it constituted "vandalism," but since the word means the destruction of public or private property, I assume they meant libelous. Of course, telling the truth about someone (as in this case) is not libel.

Sigh. I used to trust Wikipedia. Now I know better.

Posted by: M.C. at January 18, 2006 04:05 PM

Good to see that the comments got through. I thought it was completely broken.

I agree with what people say about Sigmund. All signs point to him. But on the wikipedia article, you need a verifiable and trustworthy link that it was HIM, not just his company, that did it. Stating that he runs the company is not enough to prove it. Saying that he owns the company, therefor he did it, is called original research.

Case in point: Stever Gibson recently investigated into the WMF exploit. He determined that, due to the way it has to be triggered, it has to have been deliberately put in there by microsoft, or by a rogue programmer at microsoft. But wait! To use your logic, Bill Gates runs microsost, its his company, So putting 1+1 together to get 2, he must have sanctioned the exploit, right? Wrong. Unless you can prove it...

And I restate what I said before. If you want Solares to pay for what he has done, and, more preferably, end up in prison... bitching about in on wikipedia won't get it done. Besides, you are judging wikipedia based on it's worst examples, and the actions of individual editors. The 'chain is only as strong as it's weakest link' philosophy doesn't apply to everything.

If someone edits the article, puts back the controversy section, and can put up a trustworthy link (not something you wrote in a blog, or posted in a forum), that says that HE (not his company, either by themselves or for a third party), stole those domains, that would be great. The controversy sectiuon, prior to revert, was a good example, but needs a little more work.

State your reasoning in a new section on the talk page, explain yourself, make the users who revert answer. If they revert the restored section, for same reason as before, and don't respond to talk page, I will revert, and ask they respond on talk page. Deal?

If the big legal action is launched against Solares, you can state so on the page.

See also:
Other blog where I posted.

Posted by: Me at January 19, 2006 12:17 AM

"Case in point: Stever Gibson recently investigated into the WMF exploit. He determined that, due to the way it has to be triggered, it has to have been deliberately put in there by microsoft, or by a rogue programmer at microsoft. But wait! To use your logic, Bill Gates runs microsost, its his company, So putting 1+1 together to get 2, he must have sanctioned the exploit, right? Wrong. Unless you can prove it..."

Actually, the situation is quite different. Microsoft is an international corporation that has -- how many? Thousands of employees? It's impossible for the founder and "chief architect" (I think that's his title now) to know or authorize everything that anyone has done there.
I can't say for sure how many people work at NOLDC, but judging from its website, it is a very small company, run in one office, by one man: Sigmund Solares. In all press releases and related information by the company, he appears as the one and only contact, so it seems he's a "jack of all trades" there (CEO, founder, press contact, legal counsel, etc.) which is very common in small companies. So the odds of Sigmund Solares not knowing about the registration of charlottewetzel.com are, in my opinion, slim to none.

Furthermore, if you take into consideration the fact that all domains taken by "Kenyatech" have been registered through Intercosmos, Domaincontender or NOLDC, and that all of those companies have one person in common (Sig Solares) and that this is a man who, according to WIPO, has before registered domains "in bad faith" to profit from them, the odds of Solares not knowing that his companies are cybersquatting are --and this is no longer an opinion-- zero.

Besides, Kenyatech has been running for more than a year -- and there are probably hundreds of people who during this time who have taken to the Internet to voice first their suspicions, later their evidence against Solares, and who have tried to contact him to confront him about his links to Kenyatech. I know. I'm one of them. In all this time, not once has Solares taken the many opportunities offered to him to try to proclaim his innocence. He is (or so he claims) a lawyer. He knows libel. The problem is he also knows this is the truth and it's not libelous to say that a thief is, well, a thief.

Regarding your other point -- that Wikipedia is not the way to "get him." Of course, but there are different battles being fought against the cybersquatter-in-chief. Public opinion is only one of them, and it's important particularly since Solares presents himself as an outstanding citizen, which is just sickening. Besides, it's obvious he cares about his bio in Wikipedia: other website affiliated to him, NOLA.us, had a board calling for people to change the "personal attacks" against Sig in Wikipedia but when both Rederon and myself presented the evidence, and they couldn't refute the facts, they closed it. Also Wikiheads reprimanded "somone" for both deleting the unflattering bio on Sig and adding an article on Kenyatech that seemed, in their own words, "not unlike a paid advertisement." Mmm... who could that have been?

There is no doubt whatsoever that Kenyatech is Sigmund Solares and, I promise you (and Sig, if you are reading this): He's going down.

Posted by: NY at January 19, 2006 09:31 PM

"I can't say for sure how many people work at NOLDC, but judging from its website, it is a very small company, run in one office, by one man: Sigmund Solares."

But that, unfortunately, is original research. I agree, he is the company, and the company is him, and little more, but you need something better than the look of the website. I know it sucks, but that's the case.

Look at it from a neutral, third party perspective. How do they know you aren't just making it up RE: the size of the company? And I don't think they can go look at the site and make an assessment, because that would be a subjective assessment.

Posted by: Drat (formerly me) at January 20, 2006 02:00 AM

You ignored all the other points regarding evidence against Sigmund Solares -- all of which together add up to the evident fact that Solares is Kenyatech.

Posted by: NY at January 26, 2006 12:53 AM

How telling that you chose to ignore all the other points, which make it evident that Sigmund Solares is Kenyatech.

Posted by: donny at February 3, 2006 05:29 PM

Oh please. The way wikipedia works, you can't just add up points. And what are you trying to imply, that I'm in cahoots with that bastard?

Hopefully whatever timewarp is affecting the comment system will spit my message out some time in the next century.

Posted by: Drat at February 5, 2006 09:55 AM

The Boston Herald published this article:

New Web sites pop up with Entwistles’ names
By Dave Wedge
Tuesday, February 7, 2006 - Updated: 12:01 PM EST

Cyber squatters have scooped up Internet domain names connected to the Entwistle murder mystery while a new Web site dedicated to the slain mom and daughter has been posted — eerily under the name www.neilentwistle.com.

The new site, which includes pictures and a guest book, is dedicated to Rachel and Lillian Entwistle, who are described as “two new angels.” The site is owned by a Florida woman who posted a message saying: “You will be missed. Lillian Rose you missed exploring this great big world. Please have fun playing with the angels.”

The woman did not return phone messages or an e-mail yesterday.

The new site’s appearance comes just days after another photo-filled portal run by the Entwistle family disappeared from the Internet.

Other Entwistle-related site names have been bought in recent days, including www.rachelentwistle.com, which was registered Thursday by Navigation Catalyst Systems Inc. of El Segundo, Calif. A message left with the company last night was not returned.

An unidentified person has also registered www.rachelentwistle.net through Directnic.com, a New Orleans-based domain seller.

Directnic spokesman Sigmund Solares said it’s common for cyber squatters and other Internet entrepreneurs to snatch up Web names tied to crime cases that make national headlines.

“Anytime someone is in the news, someone from anywhere is going to register a bunch of names and variations of them. It happens every day,” Solares said. “What’s the motivation behind buying the Web site, I can only speculate.”

Nothing was posted on either of the Rachel Entwistle sites as of last night.

Solares says he doesn't know who registered the domain. Right.
Guess who the registrant is:

Spiral Matrix
1st Floor Muya House
Kenyatta Ave.
P.O.BOX 4276-30100
Eldoret, KE 30100


Administrative Contact:
Matrix, Spiral billing@kenyatech.com
1st Floor Muya House
Kenyatta Ave.
P.O.BOX 4276-30100
Eldoret, KE 30100

Technical Contact:
Matrix, Spiral billing@kenyatech.com
1st Floor Muya House
Kenyatta Ave.
P.O.BOX 4276-30100
Eldoret, KE 30100

Kenyatech!! (Thanks to whoever found this info and posted it on Kenyatechwatch.com, by the way.) Sigmund Solares is trying to benefit yet from another murder (like he did with charlottewetzel.com). Please call Dave Wedge, the journalist who wrote this article, and tell him the man he's looking for is Sigmund Solares, the number one cybersquatter in the country. It's time the media knows about this disgusting criminal.
The Boston Herald phone number is:

Posted by: Solares tries to benefit from yet another murder at February 7, 2006 04:35 PM

On a happier note, and before I forget, I want to tell you that Saturday, February 11th, is Sigmund Solares' birthday. He's turning 35, so it's a biggie. I'm sure he'll be celebrating with all his friends: his girlfriend, Brenda ("Brandy") Yacher, Donny Simonton (donny@intercosmos.com), his best friend Michael Barnett and Michael's fiancee (and former porn star) Crystal Coleman, etc.
If you want to send Solares your birthday wishes, please email him:

Sigmund, sincerely, I wish this new year of your life brings you all you deserve, like -- spending the rest of your 30s in jail!!!

Posted by: it's sig's birthday at February 7, 2006 07:25 PM

Excellent! The more publication exposure, the sooner he's someone's bitch in prison.

Posted by: Drat at February 8, 2006 11:13 AM

I did it. I got my Domain Name back!!! I lost my name back in 2004 when I let it lapse and didn’t want to pay the extra fees to get it back during the redemption period. Who wants scottpiercy.com anyways? Well Sigmund Sniped it! The bastard! He didn’t renew it and now I have it back without paying him a dime.

As the renewal date got closer I saw it renewed for the next year. This pissed me off and I filled complaints with the BBB in Lousiana. The contacted Sigmund with no response. But soon after I saw my domain go to Pending Delete status. I don’t know if it had to do withthe BBB. I had backordered it with SnapNames and I just got confermation that it is mine again!

I hope Sigmund Rots in Hell!!!! At least I didn’t have to pay him.

Posted by: ScottP at February 13, 2006 03:46 PM

Congrats, man! Hopefully we will hear more of this kind of thing in the future.

Posted by: Drat at February 14, 2006 10:08 PM

That's great. I'm very happy for you -- and a little jealous. Sigmund Solares has been releasing some names after a year, but selling others (even proper names, like yours) to other cybersquatters, for what I assume must be a small profit. My firstname+lastname.com is still being held captive and I refuse to pay thieves, so I wonder when I'll be able to get my own damn name back.

Posted by: sig solares is scum at February 15, 2006 11:43 AM

www.kenyatech.com doesn't work anymore..what the hell is he up to now????????? can someone pls stop him? he is in the USA..

Posted by: doesn't matter at March 6, 2006 09:02 PM

Just thought people might like to know that Something Awful is changing hosts to some bunch in Chicago. That means Zipa loses one of their biggest customers.

Granted, it's not because of Solares' cybersquatting, but I think it might bring a smile to someones face

Posted by: Drat at March 8, 2006 01:56 AM

I got my name back!! I guess Sigmund Solares realized I don't do business with thieves, and I had no intention of buying my own name from his criminal operation called Kenyatech. So he let the domain expire, and I got it back.
But I won't forget, Sig. You've got plenty of enemies. I'm just one of them.
PS: Thanks for the news, Drat. Anything that means bad news to Sig makes me happy.

Posted by: MCP at March 9, 2006 04:00 PM

Kenyatech.com indeed has not been up for a few days. Who knows -- maybe Sigmund Solares got worried with all the negative publicity this was getting him or maybe he's just retooling it to find more effective ways to steal money and websites from people.
Whatever the case is, don't forget Sigmund Solares is the leading cybersquatter in the US and a common criminal.

Posted by: luna at March 12, 2006 02:24 PM

Kenyatech is back up and running. I guess it was too much to expect for Sigmund Solares to give up his criminal activities. Once a thief, always a thief.

Posted by: josephine at March 16, 2006 12:01 PM

Sigmund is on Kenyatechwatch.com, using a fake name to justify his cybersquatting. This is my message for him.

Oh, Sigmund, your attempts to justify your actions are pathetic. I would have a little bit more respect (actually that's too much -- I would despise you a little bit less) if you at least were man enough to show your face. What you do is illegal. By stealing (yes, stealing) people's names (like mine for example) and trademarked domains, you are breaking the law. Lowlife like you is the reason they had to pass the anticybersquatting act. By attempting to benefit from publicized murders, you've shown you're worse than scum.
Justice will be done and I will take a great deal of pleasure in seeing you fall. Bye, jack ass.

Posted by: sig is an ass at April 5, 2006 08:54 PM

Let's get Sigmund Solares disbarred. Anyone interested in helping out with this goal is urged to visit the Louisiana State Bar Association's complaint page.


Here is the full info on Solares. You'll probably need it to write your complaint. Please note the number at the end. It's the International Standard Lawyer Number (or ISLN), which helps identify each lawyer, even when they move to a different state or change jurisdictions.

Private Practice Lawyer Profile for Sigmund J. Solares

Sigmund J. Solares
650 Poydras St., Ste. 1150
New Orleans, Louisiana
(Orleans Parish)

Born 1971; Admitted 1996; Loyola University - New Orleans, B.B.S.; Loyola University - New Orleans, J.D.

ISLN: 915541964

Posted by: CP at April 15, 2006 11:58 AM

I prefer the name domain hunter, I look and try and find useful names that others have let go, I watch expiration's and grab the good ones as they come by. I have been lucky and snagged some wonderful names that otherwise I wouldn't have had a chance to do.
My first domain secured from a loss was in 1997 a person wasn't watching and let a name go, they day after it expired I grabbed it. But then it cost me $75.00 a pop.

Cybersquatting or just a screud business ?
After all if I saw a car impounded by the cops watched and went to auction and snagged it known one would think any thing bad. But the fact I watched and snag a few domains I think is great business sense if I say so my self.

I feel for the persons here whom have lost their domain names. But also it was important to watch that your domains are cared for. I watch mine like a hawk every week I see what will be expiring the next month and make sure its renewed to hold it.

The fact that this Kenya has done the next step and tried to basically embezzle names I don't agree with. I don't put my names up for sale or even advertise them, figure person wants them that bad they'll ask.
But If I am a good scout and secure names because of others carelessness well that's not my fault that ppl find better things to do then watch their investments.

Lesson learned, all names should be treated as stocks investments would, you need to watch the ones you like and make sure you wont lose out if something happens.
Take it from a cybersquatter, register and pay that extra few dollars and stay with big name registrars not some bozo whom is a holding house which sounds like some of you have done.
You will find that lousy 2.50 extra per year saves you huge in headache.

See Ya around guys and register safely and trust know one.

Posted by: Cybersquatter at January 13, 2007 02:05 PM

And you're scum for thinking like that, Cybersquatter. :D

Posted by: Captain's Wafers at May 15, 2007 02:52 AM
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