May 13, 2004

Want to Move There

by PG

The website of adult entertainer Sunny Leone (explanation of why I was looking at this here) includes an odd warning on the page before one can enter her virtual store. The usual prophylactics are there: I am over 18 years of age; I will do all in my power to prevent access to the adult sections of this site by minors; etc.

Yet one caught my eye: "The items I order do not violate my personal or my community standards." Presumably one would know what one's own personal standards are, but how does one determine what community standards are? If the postman reports one to the police and one is arrested for violating them, that would send a clear signal. Otherwise, those standards seem likely to be vague and inconsistently applied.

In what community would this stuff be considered acceptable? And do they have good restaurants?

May 13, 2004 11:46 PM | TrackBack

In September 2003, the 11th Cir. heard arguments in Williams v. Pryor, which addressed Alabama's ban on the sale of marital aids (sex toys). Howard Bashman's blog has a very good summary of the argument.

Posted by: ralph at May 14, 2004 09:05 AM
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