May 14, 2004

Done with Exams (and some stuff about Exams)

by Jeremy Blachman

Sorry no posts from me for the last few days -- exams combined with a laptop that wouldn't let me access the Internet except from the library made it a challenge. But exams are done, I guess for all of us now. Hooray.

As I catch up on stuff I didn't read this past week, the only thing inspiring me with much to say, at least for now, is Prof. Smith's post about exam grading, and that he likes to give a take-home exam because it allows for more analysis than glibness. As a student, I prefer short in-class exams, because they reward glibness more than analysis. How ironic.

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Radness, no more 2L!

Posted by: Nick Morgan at May 14, 2004 03:41 PM
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