May 14, 2004

The Swan Drowns

by Jeremy Blachman

Apparently, the "doctor" who counsels the ugly ducklings on Fox's "The Swan" got her PhD from a diploma mill and isn't really a doctor at all. Imagine that. This is really going to hurt Fox's reputation, because everyone knows what a high standard they purport to live up to.

May 14, 2004 03:20 PM | TrackBack

I recently had the misfortune of meeting one of the "swans". she came into my place of business and was very rude to me and a co-worker. she mentioned to us several times that she was on t.v., but when I tried to make small talk about it (I didn't know who she was) became quiet. There was no reason for her to tell us she was on t.v. I couldn't figure out why she'd bring it up if she didn't want to discuss it. She was rude and bossy, and wouldn't let me do my job properly. Not being in a position to confront her, I basicaly shut up and did what she told me. It is infuriating to me when I'm treated like crap b/c I'm at work and can't throw it back. Then she complained to another co-workwer and even to my manager. She may look better on the outside, but she is very ugly on the inside. Maybe the "Dr.'s" cracker-jack box diploma explains why she's still a mess.

Posted by: Kiki at October 13, 2004 11:46 AM
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