May 24, 2004


by Announcement

We know what you've been thinking: "De Novo is great with four, but imagine how much more awesome it would be with five! Up to 25% more awesome, I'd bet!" We agree, and we want to revolutionize the blogosphere at the same time with the world's first (please don't tell us if we're not) elimination-style blog-contributor search and competition. Doesn't matter if you've got a weblog or you don't, if you've ever written anything or you haven't, if you're real or if you're fake -- send us an e-mail and let us know you want to be considered for Blogger Survivor. Can you Outwit, Outlast, and Outblog the competition?

Right now we're looking for people interested in joining us for the summer, to make this site even better, and to add a new perspective, shake things up, and get us all extra-excited about what we're doing on here. Two weeks from now, after we've assembled a top-notch set of contestants, we'll begin the competition. Each day, the contestants will have to fulfill a certain blog-related task -- blog about something you did yesterday; write a post using all 26 letters of the alphabet; find the most interesting newspaper article that no one's read -- or compete for immunity by earning the most comments, the most links, or the fewest unambigously negative reactions from our readers -- and one by one the ranks will thin until there's only one blogger left sitting at his desk posting to De Novo. And he or she will be a part of the team this summer -- and maybe longer, if it works out -- helping to make your day marginally more interesting, and this weblog achieve new heights of weblogigoodness.

How do you qualify? If you're interested in the kinds of stuff we write about -- so, if you're reading, basically, or if you can make us think you've been -- then we want to hear from you.

Deadline for contestants: June 1, but the sooner the better

May 24, 2004 10:22 PM | TrackBack

"REALITY SUCKS!" But I'll be tuned in, as an audience member. It should be fun. Why not Frenchify the contest: De Nouveau!

Posted by: Shag from Brookline at May 25, 2004 11:24 AM

Is this competition going to involve eating the private parts of various farm animals?

Posted by: Sean S at May 25, 2004 03:03 PM

so what, do we just send an email saying we wanna participate??
Are all the contestants logs gonna be posted in the same day, i guess that wouldnt be a good idea, it would become a newspaper.

Posted by: Iysam @1 at May 25, 2004 05:23 PM

I won't be tossing my hat in the ring... a lot of the people here are just too well red (sic) for me to keep up with.


Posted by: Brian at May 25, 2004 06:19 PM

We considered a genetalia-munching contest, but decided it might unfairly prejudice vegetarians.

Procedures haven't all been worked out yet, but we'll be in touch with applicants. Feel free to email questions, though.

Posted by: Nick Morgan at May 25, 2004 07:36 PM

Would that be same sex "genitalia" [sick!] munching? Or more of a mixed grill? Massachusetts may provide a greater choice. Vegetarians can eat their hearts out.

Posted by: Shag from Brookline at May 26, 2004 06:56 AM

I must say, Shag, that you've really outdone yourself. Are you sure you don't want to compete? I think pushing extremes might be just what we (and Fox) are looking for.... ;)

Posted by: Nick Morgan at May 27, 2004 02:07 AM

Think of Shag as our Puck!

Posted by: Chris Geidner at May 27, 2004 02:19 AM
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