June 18, 2004

Daily Show Strikes

by Jeremy Blachman

Check out this article in the Sacramento Bee:

Jill LaVine, Sacramento County's top elections official, didn't expect her cable television debut to go like this.

LaVine, still in her first year on the job, had just given a full explanation of the threats facing California's electoral system when her interviewer asked for clarification.

"Now, can you take that long-ass answer and put it in a nutshell like I asked you?" said Rob Cordrry, one of the satirical correspondents for "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart...

[LaVine] had never heard of "The Daily Show" before agreeing to the interview....

"Don't you think blacks should be given more than one vote to make up for that whole slavery thing?" Cordrry asked LaVine. "P. Diddy's got to be worth two votes, and Justin Timberlake, he's worth two votes, even though he's not black or anything."

Without cracking a smile, LaVine deadpanned, "That doesn't address the issue here."

Poor election official. I don't think anyone who's "never heard of" The Daily Show should be allowed to hold elected office.

June 18, 2004 07:25 AM | TrackBack

You are SO biased though. ;-)

Posted by: Chris at June 18, 2004 10:18 AM

Um, I honestly think it's truly bizarre. The Daily Show has been featured on the cover of grocery store magazine newsracks, in radio interviews, on shows like The View... how can you not have heard of it?!

Posted by: Kenneth G. Cavness at June 18, 2004 01:06 PM

damn, you have to love rob cordry. what a funny son of a bitch. a good friend of my saw him a few weeks back at the brooklyn museum of art, but was too intimadated to go talk to rob.

Posted by: japhy at June 18, 2004 05:59 PM

This is a reassuring article! I have been concerned lately that the Daily Show's fame would make interviews like this one impossible. In the early days (gather 'round, kids), the Daily Show could even subject savvy national politicians to this kind of guerilla comedy. Lately, everyone with professional handlers has caught on, usually resulting in lame attempts to play along. I agree with Jeremy: at this point, any politician purporting to represent any constituency in America who has never heard of the Show deserves whatever lampooning they get. Morons.

Posted by: notfrench at June 20, 2004 12:07 PM

I'm surprised that no one in her office who knew she was doing the interview knew what the Daily Show is. Personally, I've been relying on the Daily Show as my primary television news source. Forget CNN!

Posted by: DG at June 23, 2004 09:12 AM
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