July 08, 2004

Matto Ichiban: Late to the Party

by Guest Contributor

So I move into a new appartment and don't have internet hooked up yet, and when I come to school on Thursday to check my email I find two messages about this Survivor: Blogosphere thingy (I would have preferred "Last Blogger Standing," but that's just me). Away we go...

Ichi blogs about legal stuff. And other stuff. In his spare time he is a student at UCLA School O' Law, at least until he figures out how to burn Los Angeles to the ground (he hates L.A.; in the second season of Twenty-Four, he was rooting for the nuclear bomb). He is also working at the L.A. City Attorney this summer, and hopes to do at least one real-life trial. He is also an obsessive Go player. Ichi would fully expect to win Survivor: Blogosphere if he understood how it was scored. Until told otherwise he will assume it is a combination of measuring each blogger's tolerance for Glenn Reynolds and being able to divine the future of law and politics from a bird's innards. Michael Moore is fat.

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