July 11, 2004

SURVIVOR: BLOGOSPHERE -- The Battle Continues

by Jeremy Blachman

Okay, so we may have exaggerated the number of candidates we have. It seems as if the long delay has frightened off a few of our prospective entrants and we're left with the Super Six, in no particular order:

Willy T
Matto Ichiban
Mike Mills

THERE IS STILL TIME for any of our delinquent entrants to join the fun by posting an intro post and the first challenge post. Because it's probably our fault more than theirs. (But not much time -- how about we say midnight tonight.) But if it's just the 6 of these folks, why, I think we're doing pretty well and there's really no bad choice among the bunch. I've been impressed with the posts so far.

But the first elimination challenge is coming. Monday. Stay tuned.

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