September 14, 2004

Are There AKs 1-46?

by PG

Although I didn't mourn the end of the Assault Weapons Ban -- the legislation in question seemed overly focused on superficial features of the firearms, instead of on what those guns could do -- this USA Today article did raise a brow:

The expiration of the 10-year-old ban on 19 types of assault weapons Monday drove up business at some gun stores and set off sparks in the political world. [...]
Castle said gun manufacturers have offered discounts and pre-orders for months. "The gunmakers are salivating," he said. "I hate to think of what can happen now." [...]
Dave Anver, president and CEO of Dave's Guns in Denver, said he has already seen "a huge spike," with 15 to 20 walk-ins inquiring about buying new rifles by midday Monday and numerous inquiries via phone and e-mail. Bernie Esguerra, owner of Bernie's Sports Center in Lilburn, Ga., said customers have been placing orders for the weapons for months. "It's like they were keeping the food away from you and you got hungry. It's human nature," he said.
Last night on the Daily Show, noting that the ban would expire in an hour, Jon Stewart remarked, "I have AKs 1 through 46. Now I can finally complete my collection!"

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It's actually the year the rifle was invented, though.

Posted by: The Angry Clam at September 16, 2004 01:13 AM
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