November 16, 2004

Blogger, Bar & Birthday

by PG

Congratulations to KipEsquire on formal admission to the New York Bar, and happy 38th birthday. He also has an interesting post about how, in all the wailing about backlash against the advances in equality for homosexuals, we may be missing the backlash that will come against equality's opponents.

Congratulations to all the other newly hatched, no longer larval lawyers who passed the bar as well.

UPDATE: Speaking of backlash -- not that he was ever popular to begin with -- check out this week's Onion for some knocks on Ashcroft. What Do You Think: "If Palestine needs a hard-line religious nutjob to fill Arafat's position, our old attorney general is looking for work."

And with a good chance of offending everyone:

Ashcroft Loses Job To Mexican
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