November 22, 2004

Calling New York Area Federalists

by PG

Be guinea pigs:


My name is Robbie Millstein and I am a PhD student in clinical psychology at New School University. As part of my research here, I am embarking on a study in the cognitive lab of William Hirst regarding memory. I would greatly appreciate [...] your help in recruiting Federalist Society members to participate in my study. It only takes about 1 hour, pays 25 dollars, is noninvasive, and takes place in our offices here at the University (14th and Fifth Ave). I know this is somewhat vague but to be more specific may interfere with resulting data. However, please feel free to contact me for further info.
If anyone is interested, leave a comment or send me an e-mail (see links at the top right) and I'll put you in touch with him.

(Guinea Scalia image courtesy of anti-Federalist benefactor.)

November 22, 2004 09:18 PM | TrackBack

Has there ever been an analysis of the views of the Federalist Society compared to the views of the Federalists, say, back in 1800? Does the Federalist Society reflect the views of the 1800 Federalists?

By the way, I am not a fan of Justice Scalia, but the image is out of line. Just what injustices has this "small, tailless, short-eared South American rodent, nocturnal, fast maturing and prolific," caused? Indeed, in addition to serving as pets to our children, they are widely used in medical and biological research that benefits mankind. Can the same be said of the Justice?

Posted by: Shag from Brookline at November 23, 2004 07:04 AM

What could this study ('regarding memory') possibly be about? Does no-one smell a partisan rat? Are any further details about the nature of this research forthcoming, or is it predicated on deception?

(Ethical guidelines for psychological research allow dceeption so as to preserve the integrity of the research. It's not an uncommon practice, and seems likely to be the case; why would anyone want to study the memories of Fed Soc members?)

Posted by: Zak Sharman at November 28, 2004 05:51 AM
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