December 08, 2004

A Little Darker, A Little Balder

by PG

(Via El Pocho Abogado)


And this could be my dad.

Son, We Need to Talk About This Supreme Court Obsession of Yours

Son, could you come in here for a second? Well, I'm sorry, but that newspaper's just going to have to wait, because we really need to talk. Son, your mother and I have been worried about you. Your grades have been slipping, you've been spending less time with your friends, and you've been shutting yourself in your room for hours at a time. Now, I know it may make you feel uncomfortable to talk about it, but this Supreme Court obsession of yours has become a problem.
My SCOTUS obsession didn't erupt fully until college, so my parents never could try to limit it, but they did ground me from reading fiction for a semester when I was in 7th grade.

Still, guess I'd better get back to contracts.

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