February 08, 2005

All that glitters happens to take place in the Golden State

by Armen

Yearning for the good old days when a public legal education in California was the cost of a mid-sized sedan, I am now fully convinced that every other state of the Union ought to compensate us for the disproportionate costs incurred from prosecuting high-profile cases.

Even with my liberal arts degree, I still have some capacity to understand numbers (limited to the use of an abacus). I know we are by far the most populous state, and as such it's a no brainer that we have more high-profile trials than anyone else. But still, Texas and NY, the other populous states don't seem to have an OJ Simpson to write home about. Jayson Williams? Pshhh...amateur. Plus it involved a limo driver and an apparent accident...nothing juicy, no marriage gone wrong, no hidden erotica, just a dull manslaughter case. Even SportsCenter didn't really bother with this all that much and they usually report on cases of athletes being arrested for DUI or smoking pot on a nightly basis. You get the idea.

Setting aside the U.S. Constitution for a second, (Your Highness, may I introduce Lord Adzhemyan, Duke of San Fernando Valley), I really do think other states should pay CA for this misfortune. It's not like South Dakota doesn't have child molestors or kleptomaniacs. And isn't the killing of a spouse the most common form of homicide? I must confess, the Martha Stewart trial was pretty big, but really, how many people lie about securities fraud in Nevada? But killing a lover? You get the idea. I hope you too see my concern that people in other states are getting the benefit of a lesson learned without that state incurring any costs in administering justice. OUTRAGEOUS, I say. If you are as troubled by this as I am, please send your donations to:

School of Law (Boalt Hall)
Capital Campaign Fund
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720-7200

February 8, 2005 01:15 PM | TrackBack

Would this be an entertainment tax? I don't think the rest of the country learns that much from these high profile cases other than perhaps to avoid California.

Posted by: Shag from Brookline at February 8, 2005 04:37 PM
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