March 01, 2005

Not to Be Rude, Ungrateful and Diverse

by PG

But this e-mail is a bit ludicrous:

[Firm] will be hosting a reception for all diverse 1Ls on [date], at [time] at our offices ([location]). It would be greatly appreciated if you could please forward this invitation to any mailing list of diverse 1Ls that your office maintains and help us advertise on campus.
Diverse 1Ls? Can't we just use a straightforward term like "women and minorities," if that's what is meant? DuPont has no problems with that; it's the "DuPont Minority Job Fair."

This is not an argument against affirmative action; I think law firms should be trying to make their attorney pools more reflective of America. This is a language use gripe. I don't like narrowing the meaning of diverse so that it only applies to protected categories like race, gender and orientation. The dictionary gives it a broader scope: "Differing one from another; made up of distinct characteristics, qualities, or elements." So we have a diverse class, a diverse school, but surely as individuals we are not diverse unless we have multiple personality disorder.

If I apply for law review, I absolutely refuse to write my diversity statement on something that entails being on a mailing list. It'll have to be about being the only small-town-raised blogging Texan. After all, there's less competition in that category than the others. Too many damn women and South Asians in my class.

March 1, 2005 02:08 PM | TrackBack

If you say that you're a black pacific islander lesbian paraplegic tibetan monk, you can write an essay about "overlapping layers of oppression."

They'd probably read the first paragraph, count the number of boxes you can check off, and make you editor-in-chief without even asking for your grades.

Posted by: I'm Hella Diverse at March 1, 2005 02:41 PM

Hilarious. My friend and I were talking about the same thing the other day. I was raised by a divorced single mother in a small rural town in Minnesota. I hardly think my Asian friend who went to MIT and Yale, boyfriend is a French investment banker in New York, and has more money than I could count needs to fight "oppression."

Another classic example, in my clinic, they were talking about learning to deal with poor people going through divorce, dealing with domestic violence, and all of the additional problems that can cause. As they saying went, remember that they are different from you. As I responded, "these people are different than me. They ARE me!"

If they really wanted "diverse" people from law school, they'd ask for kids from families that made less than $50k per year or whose parents didn't go to college.

Posted by: Prof. Schwarzenegger at March 3, 2005 01:18 PM
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