March 02, 2005

It's Alive

by Nick Morgan

Now, I won't promise that my blogging uber-hiatus is officially over, but I can't deny that the recent domain name emergency here at De Novo (it was entirely my fault, let it be known) reminded me that I'm still at least somewhat attached to this blog. Some time in the next few days I'll post a satire I wrote for the UCLA Law School newspaper, a paper that is evidently defunct now, RIP.

Just to flex my shameless audacity, I'll go straight from months of silence to blegging. Does anyone know of a free internet site that organizes modern / pop music by genre and sub-genre, and that explains the major features of these genres and the groups that compose within them? I'm aware of the amazing Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music but I need something broader and a bit more thorough in descriptions. Thanks for any pointers.

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