April 04, 2005

Today in Schadenfreude

by PG

Doubtlessly it's been up for a while, but the Enron quiz -- "Are you an Enron junkie or merely well-informed?" -- entered my consciousness only recently. It's a delightful collection of How the Mighty Have Fallen trivia, with questions like

Rick Causey, formerly chief accounting officer for Enron, asked the judge overseeing his criminal trial to unfreeze some of his funds to pay for:
A. cosmetic surgery
B. a country club membership
C. donations to Bush campaign
During ex-CEO Jeffrey Skilling's infamous incident in New York City while awaiting trial, he was accused of getting drunk, denouncing fellow bar patrons as FBI agents in disguise and what else?
A. Pulling up a woman's shirt to search for a wiretap
B. Ripping off his own shirt and pounding on his chest like Tarzan
C. Refusing to pay for a Statue of Liberty hat, railing, "They've left me with nothing!"
If that's not enough, check the "Prosecution Scorecard" to see who's pled guilty, who was convicted and who's fighting extradition.

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