May 03, 2005

From One King's College to Another

by PG

Today I got another email that made me think, "If only I hadn't already committed elsewhere for the summer..."

Campus Crusade legal department is in need of one or two law students (preferrably 2Ls) who would be willing to come to NY for the summer to work on their case against the State of New York concerning a dispute over the recognition of The King's College.
This is a unique situation and an opportunity for a person or two who would like to get some major litigation experience in the First Amendment world. The job will involve research, drafting pleadings, and assisting the lawyers with discovery. It is anticipated that there will be as many as 20 depositions taken during the summer, along with extensive document discovery.
At least in TKC's telling, the controversy seems to center on one member of the New York Board of Regents, which determines which schools are accredited universities. Oddly enough, one of the issues this member, Dr. John Brademas, raised regarding The King's College is that its name is misleading and an appropriation of Columbia University's name. I momentarily had a vague thought that I'd heard the name "King's College" before, but actually more with the school in London than with my own. The allegations made against TKC regarding the size of its library, endowment and faculty are more serious, but nonetheless seem motivated more by a desire to single out an evangelical Christian school than by concern over the quality of the students' education, as TKC's standards in these areas are no lower than those of many accredited schools.

I wouldn't choose such an educational experience for myself at the graduate or undergraduate (like Prof. Bainbridge, I drank the TJ Kool-Aid) levels, but I wouldn't want to block other people's access to it, which a lack of secure accreditation certainly will do.

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