May 22, 2005

Juxtaposition in the Mailbox

by PG

I had only two e-mails in my school account today. The first was from a classmate and real Federalist who sent a Janice Rogers Brown speech with the note, "Thought you'd all enjoy it. I did."

I skimmed the speech, and all I will say of it is that it leaps from an apparent inability to grasp metaphor to quoting Hayek and Ayn Rand, who would have approved of their use by Brown, and Buffalo Springfield, who probably would not. Just as I was thinking that laissez-faire economics notwithstanding, at least Brown didn't seem like a cultural reactionary, I came across the theory that women voted for Clinton because he'll keep them from having to get married in order to have children.

The second e-mail was MoveOn's "emergency petition to save our courts" (i.e., to save the filibuster in order to keep people like Brown from sitting on a federal appellate or Supreme bench), forwarded by a friend from undergrad. She wrote, "I'm passing this on because I believe no matter what party you belong to, the system of checks and balances must remain in effect. So if you agree with any part of the message below, please follow the link to sign the petition."

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