June 01, 2005

Ruth: What's My Age Again?

by Ruth

The Intro Thing: Hello, my name is Ruth, and I'm a blawger. (Hi, Ruth!) I'm a rising 2L at the University of Texas. Though I'm only a baby blawger, I've been blogging about things other than law school for just over two years. I find it pretty addicting. PG said I can post on whatever law/school topics I want, and as often as I want. I think that must have been an automatic reply email, as I would like to believe that most people of sound mind wouldn't give me anything that even resembled free rein over a blog.

Today was Day One of my internship with a Federal District Court Judge for the Western District of Texas. Instead of the long, drawn out orientation stuff that I expected, however, we got to spend all day watching a criminal trial. Indeed the only real "work" I did all day was placing a jury charge packet on the seat of each juror. I'm pretty certain the real work will start tomorrow, but the trial was fun while it lasted.

I did learn something important today, though: I'm not sure law is the right field for me. I mean, I really find the criminal stuff fascinating, and I imagine that being in court would be quite thrilling. But I don't know if can handle wearing heels and pantyhose for the rest of my career. Hell, I don't know if I can handle wearing heels and pantyhose for the rest of the summer.

And the suits! Whose bright idea was it to make professionals wear long sleeves and dark colors during hot months? Is that to make us pay for the fact that we don't normally have to worry about manual labor? Did the goddess of business wear come down from on high and command the professionals to lift something heavy and then curse them to an eternity of wool suits when they refused?

Furthermore, at what point does business wear start to make you actually look like a professional? Because when I looked in the mirror this morning, I did not see a confident judicial intern staring back at me. Instead I saw a little girl playing dress-up in her mom's clothes. And when I got home this evening I still saw a little girl playing dress-up, only now the little girl's feet are sore because she was wearing heels all day.

There was another humorous occurrence that happened at work today, but I owe it to my co-blogger Antonin (who is very dear to my heart) to save the juicy stuff for our own blawg.

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