June 01, 2005

Mike: In Which You All Make Fun of Me

by Guest Contributor

Because law school and my blog - and my girlfriend, poker addiction, and drinking - promise to leave me with far too much free time in the coming year, I've decided to contribute over here as well.

By way of introduction, I'm Mike, and I'll be a 1L at Georgetown this year. So, I'm De Novo's resident rookie. Which makes you, in all likelihood, my internet mentors!

While the others Sitting in Review discuss substantive legal theory, the job market, and important examples of jurisprudence, I'll be here to serve as little more than comic relief.

And I have some killer drink recipes.

So from now on, when you miss Law Review or receive a C on your grade report, it was probably my fault. But take heart, for I will surely do the same when the chance arises.

I look forward to your comments.

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