June 01, 2005

J: 3L with too much free time

by Guest Contributor

Introductions out of the way - my name's J, I go to a law school, and I have a blog here. It irritates people. You've been warned.

So I'm starting my final year of law school in the fall, but before then, I have another diabetic summer to progress through. I'm not even sure the final year of law school can be considered significant. I haven't gone to class consistently since my 1L year, and my grades haven't moved. It seems that my colleagues don't give a crap either.

The only real challenge left then is making it through a summer of free dinners & lunches without sexually harrassing anyone. That, and completing GTA: San Andreas over the summer (I'm anticipating the Xbox release due in 6 days much more than I'm anticipating the Raich decision. I suppose that should tell me something about my chosen career).

Some say that law school's too long. I see their point now. The job hunt is virtually over for all, and I don't think lopping a year off would substantially alter any of that, other than making things happen a bit earlier. The classes one could possibly be interested have to be exhausted by now (I'm debating taking a class titled "Nigerian Regulatory Policy During the Cold War"). And plus, there's that whole tuition thing no one likes paying.

But I kind of like 3 years. Even though school sucks, work really sucks. I can't wait for my 3L year, all those hours camped in front of my Xbox, all those beers I'll drink when I should be in class, and all those afternoons I'll waste watching Charles in Charge reruns. I'll be living the Peter Gibbons dream.

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