June 03, 2005

Introducing. . .

by Guest Contributor

I'd like to introduce myself to you as a new, contributing blawger. My name is Jason Samuel, and I have just finished my first year of law school. As you can well imagine, or know from experience, my first year did not leave me with much time to blog. I've turned to the blawgosphere only now as a cathartic exsercise in the shadow of finals, but before I head to work for the summer.

It's my intention to post consistently throughout the summer among three sites: Objective Justice [for which Sean, a recent contributor here as well, has provided], my own blawg, Unlearned Hand [though I am well aware that someone else has this domain registered, he has refrained from using it as a handle], and this one, De Novo. Though some newsworthy points about which I'd like to post overlap, I will do my best to not repeat and to stick to the missions of the respective blawgs--if any.

My interests, in as afar as this site's readers may be interested, are in philosophy of law, natural law, and Catholic legal theory. Of course I am interested the various competing jurisprudential "schools," but really besides just generally, only insofar as they intersect or conflict with natural legal theory.

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You do know that the history of "unlearnedhand"and this very blog, right?

Posted by: Craig at June 3, 2005 07:13 PM


No. I don't. Uh oh...? If you'd like, I'm interested in hearing more. So, please e-mail me.

Posted by: Jason at June 3, 2005 07:20 PM

Nothing to "uh oh" about -- the original Sitting in Review folks "met" each other by working on a blog called En Banc, which was started by Gabriel Mendel/ Unlearned Hand. Gabe decided to close En Banc, and we reassembled here at De Novo.

Gabe's blog used to be called Unlearned Hand and he used that name in his blogging, until he decided to make it less law-oriented and changed it to Handful of Sand to reflect his interest in Zen and a more personal focus, and began using his real name.

Posted by: PG at June 4, 2005 02:17 PM
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