July 08, 2005

To Read or Not to Read

by Ruth

I'm supposedly on a blawging hiatus, but I just couldn't resist posting with my shiny new De Novo login. And look! I even have my own nifty bio!

But really, a thought occurred to me. As my bio may suggest, I have a little fondness for Harry Potter, and I was thinking about those of you who may be (1) fans of the book and (2) taking the bar exam, and I felt really bad.

That's when the thought occurred.

The last book came out two years ago. What if Book 7 comes out two years from now? That would put its release in the same time that I would be taking the bar exam.

On the one hand, I know a guy who put off the LSAT for a year because it fell on the same day as the Red River Shootout. But I don't think I could put off the bar exam for Book 7, even if it is a huge deal. My only hope is that J.K. Rowling will take an extra year with this one.

So, what I want to know is this: for those of you who had a major life event* take place while you were studying for the bar, how did you handle it? I'm not asking about the bar exam in general, but more along the lines of which you chose. Did you keep right on studying? Or did you take a break for the major life event? If you took a break, how long was the break? And did it affect your studying any?

And if you are a Harry Potter fan and studying for the bar... are you going to take time out to read the book? If so, will you read it in one go, or reward yourself with a chapter a night, or what?

* Yes, actually, I do consider the release of Book 7 a major life event.

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