July 20, 2005

It Would Have Been More Fun with Clement

by Armen

I really wish the President nominated Judge Clement. With the way the seating chart works at One First Street, she would have ended up sitting next to RBG to the left of the Chief, creating for the first time an all-girl section. But it isn't to be. My initial reaction to Roberts is that this is definitely not the time to pick a fight. Putting abortion aside, Roberts is about the type of nominee you'd expect from the Pres...in other words, at least he's not Luttig. The only way to oppose the nomination would based on personal ideology, and that would backfire in a second against the Dems. It's not like at least we have the House or anything. Let Roberts on, worry about defeating Santorum and others in the Senate in a year, concentrate on a foreign/military expeditionary policy that ACTUALLY considers national security, have a domestic agenda that is more than maintaining the status quo, and perhaps turn attention back to Karl Rove. But the broo ha ha over Roberts is just that.

And if the SCOTUS doesn't ignore abortion, it'll either solidify Roe or light a fire under the left and moderates the likes of which have not been seen since circa 1929.

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