September 01, 2005

Help for Tulane Students

by PG

Presumably Tulane Law students have heard about this already, but just to spread the word -- Columbia Law's dean sent the following earlier this afternoon:

We are deeply saddened by the tragedy that has hit New Orleans and Tulane University and hope that this great city is restored as soon as possible. We are able to offer some help to Tulane Law students by accepting five or six 3Ls for the Autumn term. We will waive tuition for these students, and some limited housing is available. Interested students should contact our Admissions Office at 212-854-2674 as soon as possible.
Among other interesting items about how Hurricane Katrina is affecting law in Louisiana, Jurist reports,
In other law-related news, the two law schools in New Orleans have been severely disrupted and are struggling to maintain contact between students and faculty at what was to have been the start of their fall terms. Tulane Law School has set up a temporary emergency website under the auspices of Atlanta's Emory Law School to share information over the upcoming weeks. Read an official announcement from Dean Larry Ponoroff. Ponoroff has already authorized other US law school deans to accept any Tulane 3Ls who contact them as transient students for the semester. A post-hurricane blog has been established for the Loyola-New Orleans Law School community.

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