November 15, 2005

Hope She Brought Garlic and a Stake

by PG

The New York Times mentions in a piece about the post-nomination life of Harriet Miers,

Ms. Miers has spent some time going out, including to a dinner of the Federalist Society last week, when Karl Rove, the White House deputy chief of staff who remains under investigation in the C.I.A. leak case, hailed her as a "warrior."
Mr. Rove added, to polite applause from the conservative group, "If you like every one of the 200 judges that we have sent forth to the U.S. Congress to be approved in the last three years, there hasn't been one of them who hasn't been researched, vetted, studied, analyzed or recommended by my friend Harriet Miers."
Considering the inhospitable attitudes of many Federalists toward the nomination of someone who wouldn't showcase their preferred theories of jurisprudence, this was good grace on Miers's part. I might have been inclined to say, "If any of you mofos* think you're getting the president's ear from now on, think again."

* I was told during interviewing that the firm actually is trying to go away from that abbreviation a bit, but I love it so!

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