November 16, 2005

Questions for Ashcroft

by PG

Former Governor, Senator and Attorney General John Ashcroft is coming to Columbia at the end of this month, and the organizers are soliciting good questions to ask him after his speech. (Good question probably ≠ "Do you sodomize your wife?" or more relevant to Ashcroft's interests, "Do you look at any kind of porn?")

If any De Novo readers have suggestions, please comment. Right now my best thought is something horribly nerdy about what his past experience as Missouri governor made him think personally about the federal government's exercise of power over states' ability to determine sentencing, provide medical assistance and ensure death with dignity. Alternatively, in light of his Department's declared need to get into citizens' information, does he feel the same way about the Clipper program now as he did when it was the Clinton Administration threatening Americans' privacy and right to keep data secret?

For those wondering how Ashcroft has been spending his time since leaving the Bush Administration, he is teaching occasionally at Regent University and considering a book deal. In an odd bit of circularity, the private company ChoicePoint, which is paid by the FBI to give it private sector records, has hired his consulting firm the Ashcroft Group to lobby for it.

November 16, 2005 07:41 PM | TrackBack

You have to ask him something about covering up the statute. I'll leave you to fill in the blank. Your question is a "good question," in the sense that he will probably enjoy answering it (and in the process tell you it's a good question). We've all seen those. You have this opportunity and you should not squander it. (I'm actualy curious about his porn viewing habits.)

Posted by: BTD Venkat at November 18, 2005 01:33 AM
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