December 25, 2005

Terrorist Legal Writing: Perfect for Hanukkah

by PG

Co-blogger Armen's bitching about Eugene Volokh's semi-annual (kind of like Victoria's Secret) pimping of his genuinely useful Academic Legal Writing is slightly amusing in itself -- "Am I alone in getting utterly pissed off every time Volokh n off tries to pawn off his Academic Legal Writing on the VC?" -- but inspired an even funnier comment:

Volokh is trying to pawn off his Academic Legal Writing on the Viet Cong?! Well, I guess it's just in time for Tet...
-"Comrades, our glorious leaders have sent us Volokh's Academic Legal Writing! We will use it to... argue with imperialists!"
On the other hand, some people apparently believe that Al Qaeda figures that the Bush Administration is following U.S. law, and thus that our enemies were shocked -- shocked! -- to hear that their communications to the U.S. might be tapped without warrant. Indeed, the Terrorist Legal Curriculum probably has some interesting courses:

Foundation Year -- Contract killing; Property destruction; Tort(ure); Criminal Law and how to avoid getting charged under it; Foundations of the Rogue State; Perspectives on Islamic Law that justifying suicide bombing.

Upper Level -- Advanced Geneva Convention (prerequisite: "The laws of war and how to break them");
Comparative Law Among Nations Most Likely to Host Extraordinary Renditions
International Financial Transactions That Turn Charitable Dollars into Fake Passports
Law of the WTO, World Bank, Racist Cops and the Other Left Wing Causes Your Detainment Has Joined
Prisoner Clinic ("hands on practice for when they get medieval on yo ass")

Just added to the curriculum: Article II powers, authorizations of military force, the PATRIOT Act, FISA courts, the 4th and 5th Amendments, and other stuff you didn't have time to learn because you're, y'know, a terrorist.

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