January 01, 2006

New Year's Frivolity

by PG

With Article III Groupie back online, I feel that I ought to commemorate her return by doing some unserious law blogging. For the first time last night, I spent New Year's Eve in New York City, and even began the day with an ambition to stand in Times Square to watch the ball drop in person instead of seeing it on TV. However, damp weather, incipient head cold and other pressures combined to get me out of the elements and back home. Alas! I thought, trying to get out of the crowd at 49th and Broadway without stepping on the kids whose legs had given out, Why did I not plan ahead and get inside one of the glass towers to see all this spectacle in a warm, dry place?

Admittedly most of the hotels that offer such a view were out of my price and procrastination range, having been booked at exhorbitant rates well before I'd known that I would be in Manhattan on December 31, 2005. But there is another option potentially available to law students and lawyers: talk your firm into opening the office for the night. Obviously this is useful only for the firms whose New York location permits one to look out the window and see Times Square, but there's a fair number of those: Skadden (Conde Nast building, Four Times Square); Pillsbury Winthrop (Broadway and 45th); Proskauer Rose (Broadway and 47-48th); Heller Ehrman, Brown Rudnick, O'Melveny & Myers, Condon & Forsyth, Pitney Hardin (all in Times Square Tower, 7 Times Square). Cravath, at 8th Avenue and 49-50th, doesn't quite make the cut.

UPDATE: New Yorker Jeremy Blachman is starting 2006 with a fresh URL and Typepad -- change your bookmarks and blogrolls. When it will cease to be appropriate to call it brand new, I do not know.

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