January 08, 2006

Smart Journal, Stupid Question

by PG

The WSJ Law blog looks OK, like a business-law version of How Appealing heads-up style of blawgging, but their first "question of the day" was distinctly unimpressive. The initial post, which flagged it, said "a law question of the day — today’s asks what you’d advise someone considering law school," but the actual question consisted of three imbecilic options:

What would you tell someone considering law school?
Do it. Practicing law is a great career.
Get the degree but do something other than practice law.
There are better ways to use your time and money.
No wonder there are so many people in the comments sniping that one would be better off being something useful like an engineer. Telling someone who is considering law school what to do is impossible without knowing what this person likes, what she wants out of life and what her current situation is. Even my med school-obsessed parents gave up trying to persuade me to take the MCAT after they realized that I am really interested in the law as a subject, not just going to law school to enter the professional class. If someone wanted to know whether to go to law school, I'd refer her to the last several commenters on Jeremy's once-lighthearted post on dropping out and say that if she identified with any of them, not to go.

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