January 22, 2006

Another Blawgger + NYT

by PG

I found this New York Times profile of David Lat (author of Underneath Their Robes) to be both inaccurate and not wholly flattering. For example, the article says of UTR, "Supreme Court clerks were dubbed 'The Chosen'"; in actuality, A3G calls them The Elect. It also quotes one of his former colleagues at Wachtell describing him as looking like he had "tears coming out of his eyes, his face would get red, he'd have these temper tantrums, and stamp his feet" when given routine associate work. And if Ann Coulter and Maureen Dowd are Lat's models, he's just scared off almost everyone. (Is there someone who likes both Coulter and Dowd? perhaps some self-hating woman.) The only thing from the article that I liked was this:

Mr. Lat, who will take over the site in the coming weeks with co-editor Alex Pareene, a 20-year-old New York University dropout, says that he does not hold himself to conventional reporting standards. "Some of the things I do are journalist-esque," he said, "but I don't consider myself a journalist."
"Fact-checking on the Web is: you put up something on the Web and if it's wrong, somebody e-mails you and tells you it's wrong, and you put something up saying, 'It's wrong.' "
UPDATE: A3G provides Alito & CAP-like explanations for Lat's old college editorials -- apparently he too was just trying to earn conservative cred.

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