May 09, 2006

A Cynical Proposal

by Armen

On my other blog, in response to my complaint that USF law school has way more attractive women than the other side of the Bay, a commenter wrote that he would eagerly take my job prospects and my women (neither are mine per se, but you get the idea). I have long believed that the inequalities of opportunity found in legal education in the United States is unjustifiable. Given that this is exam time for most law students, I offer this cynical proposal:

I dare any disproportionately ranked law schools to exchange exams. You heard me Hastings, USF, Stanta Clara, and Golden Gate. I think your students write exams as well as we do. I'm willing to take the Pepsi challenge to prove it. If professors from both schools are willing, I would love to see something like a committee of profs from the schools judging which property exam came from which school. Or, why not have an entire crim law exam graded by a "guest grader" from across the bay? Then see the results. Hell, there are so many ways to game this, the sky's the limit. It's not that hard to set up colluding faculty to give the same exams at different law schools unbeknownst to the students. You can even bring women over to take their exams here. Just a thought.

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