June 14, 2006

Outsourcing Justice

by PG

[W]hat I heard so many times resounding from cage to cage, what I said myself so many times in my moments of complete despondency, was not, "Free us, we are innocent!" but "Judge us for whatever we've done!" There is unlimited cruelty in a system that seems to be unable to free the innocent and unable to punish the guilty.

-- Mourad Benchellali in the New York Times

Benchallali ought to know something about it, as most of his family has been charged under French anti-terror laws. Among countries with the rule of law, apparently only the United States cannot put those it accuses of terrorism on trial, on the rationale that an American trial's demands for disclosure and so forth would threaten national security. Perhaps we could just get nations with reasonable-but-less-stringent justice systems -- Britain, France, Germany -- to do our trials for us? It would be an improvement on having nations with wretched human rights records do our interrogations.

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