July 03, 2006

Contestant Two: Nick

by Nick

Better late than never, I'm Nick (check me out), your second So You Think You Can Blog? contestant. Since I'm a guest here, I've brought a present! Enjoy!

I'm sitting in San Antonio, Texas, and, as I type, I represent roughly 15% of the available space in my "room." I'll be heading up to Dallas to clerk at a court of appeals (not telling you which one though, wink) in a week. I was planning on dropping a Judge Dredd quote into a footnote while I'm there, but it seems that someone stole my idea. Freaking Attorney Generals and their awesome soundbites.

I hope to grow on you in the coming weeks, a la King of Cars, this sweet show on A&E - one of the 10 non-porn, non-Spanish channels available. Seriously, check that show out.

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