July 16, 2006

Legal Theory at Typepad

by PG

This is mostly a change-your-links PSA -- Legal Theory's new home is at http://lsolum.typepad.com. I think this was a particularly smart move for Prof. Solum, considering the amount of information he hosts; not only the blog, but also his lexicon and calendar. The only recommendation I would make is that he use the "Continue reading" function on sixapart's software, especially on the posts that recommend SSRN articles and reprint the abstracts. The way he's doing it at the moment, with all the posts in full on the front page, has the the content in the middle stretching far past all the sidebar material and makes the reader (this reader, anyway) feel like she has to do a lot of scrolling down.

Also, to insert a student's perspective briefly in the debate among Stuart Buck (another man who should jump the blogspot), Solum and Orin Kerr regarding teaching, scholarship and the canon, as a general rule professors who are teaching in an area close to their scholarship will be better at the teaching, because their own enthusiasm for the subject comes through. I haven't taken an international law class, but I found a course in international arbitration somewhat frustrating due to the apparent lack of canon. My professor was fairly notable in the field and I did check out some of his articles, but it all seemed to lack a framework and guiding principle. Overreliance on the canon of course stifles scholarship -- how many articles have I seen for my journal that were very well written and interesting and immediately shot down for adding nothing new? -- but a total lack of canon can be bewildering even for beginners. With regard to Solum's desire to keep interdisciplinary scholarship vibrant and how that interacts with teaching, I would be interested in how Georgetown's Curriculum B works for both the professors and the students.

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