January 09, 2007

Fed Soc Chapters, Take Note

by PG

Columbia Law School's development office (i.e. the people who hold the valuable alumni contact info) successfully secured funding for the "Neil Grossman Family Summer Fellowship," which means there's money earmarked specifically for rising 2Ls who would like to do public interest work, but have the reservations about the kind traditionally promoted by law schools. This represents a great success in communication among conservative/ libertarian students; an administration that -- whether some believe it or not -- essentially wants to attract the best students, produce the most influential graduates and receive the most money; and conservative/ libertarian alumni who are happy to help young likeminded people work on behalf of causes they favor.

Columbia Law School offers two fully funded, public interest fellowships for the summer of 2007 at conservative and/or libertarian legal organizations, including the Cato Institute and the Institute for Justice. Each fellowship will be awarded to a Columbia Law School student in the J.D. program class of 2009 or 2008, who demonstrates an interest in promoting American public policy based on individual liberty, limited government and the free market. Each Fellowship will provide a stipend of $4,200. Students may not split the summer between this Fellowship and another opportunity.

PLACEMENT: Applicants to this fellowship may apply for a placement at the Cato Institute, the Institute for Justice and/or any other organization that promotes American public policy based on individual liberty, limited government and the free market. Both Cato and the Institute for Justice have agreed to consider Columbia applicants and offer a summer internship to an appropriate student in accordance with this Fellowship.

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