March 06, 2007

Now THIS Is a Med-Mal Case

by PG

I'm kind of sorry that I hadn't heard of this procedure becoming more common in the U.S. before I wrote this semester's mock trial hypothetical about a claim of medical malpractice by a cosmetic surgeon. Then again, given that some witnesses were leery about playing masseuses last semester, I probably would have had an even more difficult time coaxing people to talk about vaginal rejuvenation. Still, the quotes I could have put into the record!

Warner, who has operated on 18 patients, said he does not consider the lack of published studies to be problematic.
"Life isn't all about studies," Warner said. "These are real problems that don't require 50 people to research the same topic. Women are telling us that it's working."
It would have been helpful in tipping the case more into balance, instead of favoring the defendant as much as it did. The "re-virginization" procedures, however, is just too disgusting to contemplate.

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