April 20, 2007

Columbia Drama

by PG

While I can't quite imagine a Minuteman-level tussle between Falun Gong and CUCSSA's defenders of the motherland's reputation, I am sorry that playing a juror downtown prevents me from seeing how it plays out:

Dear Students,
Today (April 20) there will be a forum on Organ Harvesting from Live Falun Gong Practitioners, held in Uris Hall 301 from 12-2pm. It is co-sponsored by CU Amnesty International and Falun Dafa student club. Falun Gong (or Falun Dafa) is a peaceful meditation practice, popular around the world, and brutally persecuted by the Chinese Communist regime since 1999. The most recent discovery by independet Canadian investigators has been of the organ harvesting from live practitioners of Falun Gong (www.organharvestinvestigation.net), and the purpose of the event today is to publicize these findings and expose the crime.

Clearly, the Chinese Communist regime is using all available means to hide the information about this atrocity, and wherever forums were held before, Chinese students were called upon to inerfere.

Below, please, see the message that was sent by the Columbia University Chinese Students and Scholars Association to all of its members (over a thousand) yesterday. This email clearly goes against Columbia University values, it is thretening and hurtfule. It serves to incite hatred and call for actions of inteference.

Please, be aware of this matter, and support the freedom of speech and safety of the participants of this event.

English translation is followed by the original text in Chinese.

Subject: Urgent call: defend motherland's reputation, deny cult's rumor From: CUCSSA To: Columbia University Chinese Students and Scholars Association: ;

** Urgent call: defend mother land's reputation, deny cult's rumor **

Every member and friend of CUCSSA:

Perhaps you have learned through the announcements filling Columbia's campus that, at 12noon (Apr 20 Friday), the so-called Columbia University student club "Falun Dafa Club", has messed with the so-called "independent investigation team," and will have a panel discussion on "Genocide in China: Organ harvesting from live Falun Gong practitioners"

Falun Gong is a cult legally banned by the Chinese government. The Falun Dafa club at Columbia is a tool used to demonize our great Motherland and the Chinese people's image, used by some people with hidden intentions. They used the weak point that Columbia university does not know the truth, grabbed an Indian student so as to register their club and act as a deputy to boldly engage in activities on campus to damage China's image.

This time the Falun Dafa club has extensively publicized the event, and many innocent Chinese students are cheated by them. Therefore, CUCSSA will not let this go!

CUCSSA has read the investigation material [into organ harvesting]. It's full of holes and guesses, and damages China and the Chinese government. They only grounds are the fact that some hospitals in China do more transplantations than any single hospital in the US, and then they groundlessly charge that the CCP helped harvest Falun Gong practitioners' organs, helping hospitals create profits. They ignored the fact that medical expenses in the US are astronomical, and the U.S. medical system is a bureaucracy, and low in efficiency, and they didn't do any research into China's situations (nowadays in China, selling part of a liver and one kidney is indeed a means for some families to survive in crisis), and have shamelessly smeared China's image, trying to achieve their unspeakable objectives.

Of course, there are various problems in China. But facing this demonization we cannot hold back!

CUCSSA has prepared extensive refutation materials, and is prepared to refute them at the forum tomorrow. CUCSSA calls for everyone's support! It is guessed that they [forum organizers] may use the reason that CUCSSA's leaders do not follow the meeting's rule, and thus ask security to remove him/her. That may entail inevitable physical contact. The only way to avoid physical contact is to make Americans in the meeting to listen to us; to have a sufficient number of us to go to the meeting; and to encourage and strengthen our voice!

Tomorrow at 11:45am, in front of Uris Hall, CUCSSA will be awaiting and expecting all of you. We hope students and scholars who have time will join us. Today, when Chinese people are struggling hard [to achieve in the world], and when the great Motherland is prospering, we will use the sea of [Chinese Communist] flags, dyed with blood, to strike hard the cult's arrogant fervor, and to resolutely defend the honor and dignity of the Motherland!

Tomorrow we will not dismiss before seeing each other!

Working Committee of CUCSSA

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