September 05, 2007

PG ♥s Obama, But Not This Much

by PG

Despite my fondness for Sen. Barack Obama and skepticism toward most conservative claims that it's a problem for the majority of academics to be liberals, this message on behalf of a professor seeking a student assistant, and sent to all upperclass law students, did give me pause:

a volunteer to do research for the Multilateral Team for the Obama Campaign, on international law and international public policy issues. Since this is political work, students cannot receive either payment or academic credit.
It feels slightly ... suboptimal? ... for such a request for volunteers to be coming from a faculty member, as opposed to a student political organization like the CLS Democrats. Students can opt-out of the CLS Democrats' emails, but not out of the Registrar's. And, yeah, to make the standard whiny College Republican point: we're unlikely to see such a message soliciting help for a Republican's campaign.

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