October 26, 2007

Kansas Has a Claim

by PG

Critiquing Paul Krugman's new book quite well, historian David M. Kennedy makes a small error: "Itís a story that is as factually shaky as it is narratively simplified. (Kansas, whatever its other crimes and misdemeanors, is not customarily regarded as the birthplace of Prohibition..." Technically, given that Kansas was the first state to enact prohibition into its state constitution in the early 1880s, and then had a citizen-enforcer when Kansas resident Carrie Nation smashed her way through bars across the state, one reasonably could consider it the birthplace of the constitutional Prohibition movement.

UNRELATED except as to vice and politics: these pictures of politicians with the facing-multiple-criminal-charges founder of Girls Gone Wild remind me of another reason I would make a lousy politician: which is that I don't like having my photo taken much, and especially not with random people whom my aides shove toward me with the reminder that this is a campaign contributor. It's particularly jarring with Sen. Leiberman, who has made much of his opposition to sex and violence in entertainment.


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