November 07, 2007

Ingenious Minutewoman

by PG

From Milbarge at Begging the Question:

One way to solve the immigration problem
I was vaguely following this story about the 25-year-old Nebraska teacher who absconded to Mexico with this 13-year-old boy she'd allegedly been having a sexual relationship with. But I happened to catch the detail that the boy had to stay in Mexico after authorities found the couple, because he was in the United States illegally. I was amazed by this. I assume the woman will use this as her defense now: she wasn't running away with the boy, she was a one woman Minuteman, solving the illegal immigration issue one person at a time. You know, by sleeping with them and luring them across the border. I assume the GOP will endorse this approach leading up the 2008 election.
But what if the teacher gets knocked up and there's now a U.S. citizen baby with a 13 year old Mexican dad -- can the dad use that as an "anchor baby" to get himself back to America? Then again, I suppose if a conservative's terror of immigration overcomes his concern about abortion, there's really no problem here.

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