November 09, 2007

Mystery Explained

by PG

I was wondering why so many people were searching Heide Iravani's name. Admittedly, one of the IPs was from a top 20 law firm that theoretically could be checking her online reputation before extending a job offer, but as none of the other searches were coming from law firms, it seemed unlikely that Iravani's potential employers were all looking her up in the same 7 hour span today. Brian Leiter and Concurring Opinions reveal that the lawsuit brought by two Does against several anonymous commenters has dropped its sole named party: Anthony Ciolli, a recent Penn Law graduate who had worked with Jarret Cohen on AutoAdmit and associated projects.

Speaking of Concurring Opinions, I recently received Prof. Solove's new book, The Future of Reputation, and hope to review it soon in the context of the Yale Pocket Part pieces and of this lawsuit. Although the YPP's call for papers was what first brought my attention to AutoAdmit, both the resulting articles and lawsuit postdate my prior post about AutoAdmit, which generated several responses from Cohen and a few from Ciolli. (The lawsuit also postdates the revocation of Ciolli's job offer, despite what the WSJ Law Blog implies.) Incidentally, the updated complaint mentions the xoxoreader blog, which reposts the threads the owner considers the best of AutoAdmit and which has the top Google hit for Ms. Iravani's name, but does not name "hazelrah" as a defendant.

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