November 18, 2007

Eisner Expanded

by PG

The only possible tie between this post and the law is that the Topps acquisition Michael Eisner spearheaded and its attendant litigation became the subject of a tussle between the Delaware chancery and New York commercial courts. Anyway, Eisner doesn't come off very well in Deborah Solomon's brief interview of him.

1. Solomon: What kind of name is Vuguru? To me it sounds like a drug, like Vioxx or Viagra.
Eisner: If it reminds you of something that creates new strength, I guess thatís O.K. In French, vous is second-person plural. Vuguru -- you are the guru of viewing. It was just a made-up word.

2. Solomon: Just last month, you put together some $385 million to acquire Topps, the manufacturer of Bazooka bubble gum and baseball cards.
Eisner: Topps is a brand thatís in the brain-waves of about 70 years of the American male. I can take that affinity and turn it into a sports-media company. Topps has many assets, and Bazooka has Bazooka Joe, and I could have fun making a Bazooka Joe movie.

3. Solomon: Why is Bazooka Joe always wearing an eye patch in the mini comic strip that comes wrapped around the gum?
Eisner: That is what we are going to find out in the movie.

4. Solomon: Wasnít he a bit of a delinquent? He wasnít faithful to his girlfriend, Zena, if I recall.
Eisner: He was not a delinquent. If he wasn't faithful to his girlfriend, by the way, he wasnít 25 years old and married with three kids. Itís O.K. Sheíll survive. Itís good for her.

1. It seems more likely that vous would be used here in its meaning as the second person singular formal, because if it were plural, it would be Vugurus (translated into American English, "y'all are the gurus"). I'm not even going to get into the misuse of the word guru because I wouldn't expect whoever came up with this to know any better anyway.

2. I guess Eisner's Bazooka Joe movie would thoroughly discredit this McSweeney's piece.

3. According to the the Topps folks, Bazooka Joe has both his eyes, so the movie explanation will have to fit with that.

4. Um, wow.

As for Eisner's political predilections, like most sensible CEOs he donated to both sides of the aisle.

November 18, 2007 10:08 PM | TrackBack

It's Deborah Solomon. She's no Susan Sontag.

Posted by: Tom T. at November 19, 2007 08:21 AM

Oops, corrected.

Posted by: PG at November 19, 2007 01:29 PM
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