November 24, 2007

About Those Brands...

by PG

It would be nice to see the Federal Trade Commission put as much effort into ensuring that luxury brands do not lie to consumers about the origin of their products, as U.S. Customs does into ensuring that knockoffs of said brands are not sold at prices with a much more reasonable relation to the actual cost of production. Come to think of it, the factory making the knockoffs may well be next door to the one working for the brand company -- it would expedite finding out what the newest styles will be.

(Admittedly, I haven't been often cheated in this respect because I'm cheap. The only mass-luxury branded item I own is a Prada handbag, and the Amazon retail price of $50 wasn't as wildly disproportionate to the production cost as the MSRP of $250 was. The interior metal tag claims it was made in Italy, but probably by those $3/hour undocumented workers.)

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