November 29, 2007

Joining Instapundit Are:

by Armen

Volokh (only one post so far)
And my competitors, both of whom are using banners.

***I'd like to take this opportunity to remind Mr. Bashman that when he was in a dead heat against the Conspiracy for a Webby, I threw the full weight and support of De Novo behind him. Seriously! And who sarcastically came to your defense when your impartiality bona fides was questioned? Moi!!! And who still thinks you look like Ben Howland, the #2 UCLA men's basketball coach? Uh hum. All I'm asking for is a subtle, yet witty sentence following a post about the latest blah blah blah holding from the Federal Circuit, e.g., "And speaking of non-obviousness, please vote for Nuts and Boalts at the ABA."

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