July 7, 2004

WingsandVodka:The People�s Blogger

by Wings&Vodka

When my agent called and said that Jeremy Blachman had been pestering her all week to have me on as a guest blogger at De Novo, I was like �Who the hell is Jeremy Blachman, and why is he calling my mom?� But once she assured me that I�d get my money up front, I calmed down. So here I am. I hope the fact that I�m the only blogger being paid for this stunt doesn�t cause a problem. I would also request that none of the challenges involve brand-name sports drinks, as that would present a conflict with Gatorade�s sponsorship of my own blog. Also, if someone could get me a club sandwich, that would be great--I�m starving. But enough about business. I�m a 2L at the University of Texas, and I bring over thirty years of Reality Blogging experience to the table. Though my usual blogging is primarily concerned with Nietzsche, American Legal Realism, and the plight of legal academics in general, I�m glad to slum it for awhile in the name of charity. So bring on the challenges, bring on the drama, and hand me my Hawaiian sling. Boston Rob ain�t got nothin on me.

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