August 3, 2004

Electoral Hoo-Ha

by Wings&Vodka

A lot of chatter about electoral math going on here and here based on numbers that have been nicely compiled here. Though it's fun to talk about the issues, with so many states still polling within the margin of error, isn't it silly to pretend that this is going to be determined by anything but a turnout contest? If the Dems can get some of the Unregistered or Unvoting Millions to get off of the couch on election day, they'll win. If they bore those people into staying home, they'll lose. I'm inclined to think that the Democrats would be better served by cutting a few of their crappy ads ("I'm John Kerry. This is my big face on your screen.") and pouring some cash into some registration drives. Not that they'd actually need to use hard money for those activities, but post-convention ads seem so surreal--what with the massive amount of free media coverage that the candidates are already getting--that I'd rather see them use their federal funds to buy 150,000 IPod Minis to be handed out to unregistered voters in Florida or Ohio. And maybe to one registered voter in Texas.

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