January 26, 2005

Things We Said Today

by Armen

I was flattered last week when Evan Schaeffer mentioned my blog (shameless self-advertisement #4482775) in his Weekly Law School Roundup. The theme last week was Rolling Stones tunes. This week, Beatles. In an attempt to get De Novo onto the ranks of the who's who of the blawgsphere, I will try to liveblog quotes from classmates during my remaining classes this week, with as little context as possible of course.

"How do you reconcile Bridges with McAvoy?" (Answer in casebook and in McAvoy opinion)

"You want me to argue it right now?"

"I don't know what to write, so I'm not writing it down." -- young, visiting property prof from Michigan.

Stay Tuned for Written Oral Advocacy (WOA), Civ Pro, and maybe Immigration.

WOA is me...meaning that there was no wireless so I have resort to instant replay for that one.

�But Schwarzenegger has a lot of letters.�

�My view is that we should call him Governor Schwarzenegger to confer more respect.�

OK the rest is liveblogging from Civ Pro (topic of discussion, burden of pleading).

"So it's only ten pages but it's hard." -- Civ Pro prof sharing last name with Married with Children family.

"He was a piece of work." -- same prof

"He's the only Supreme Court justice known to have fought a duel." -- prof talking about same person (Stephen Field

Prof: "I'm sure there's some wisdom in there."
Student: "Yeah way down there."

"I think the textbook is correct." Prof, referring to textbook co-authored by self. Eagerly waiting for day when he says, "I think the authors got this wrong."

"That is the issue, but let me come back to the question I asked you." -- Prof.

Oh and number of times De Novo mentioned as the standard of review? 9 Come back tomorrow for a recap of Immigration and more Civ Pro.

Only one thing to report from Immigration...

"And Noonan slept through the whole hearing." -- Prof, talking about her oral arguments in Barthelemy v. Ashcroft

And we're back with the last class for the day and it looks like we're off to a good start...as we walk in there's a box of donuts in the front of the class courtesy of the prof.

[as class quiets down to get started] "As you can see this is a kind of edible abacus to take attendance."

"It says if A and B and C unless there is, what is it, E? I forgot how far along I got."

"It is a very common argument. I don't think it gets you anywhere."

Prof: "Ms. _____ you have a thought?"
Ms__: "Oh I don't want to interrupt you."
Prof: "Oh I don't want to interrupt YOU."

"...whether to arrest or not [CELL PHONE RING] oh my God, I thought I'd turned this off. Oh it's my daughter, I have to call her back." -- Prof

With that, I present to the gentle readers things we said today, and YESTERDAY, and the day before. Huh? What? "You said you will love me?"

January 26, 2005 3:05 PM | TrackBack

Was the point of citing the visiting prof's youth to show that experience isn't required to embarass the unprepared with a witty quip, or was it that you think the prof was just being honest about not knowing?

Posted by: BTL at January 26, 2005 10:25 PM

It's to make the veiled reference to her identity as thin as possible, especially for UMich students.

Posted by: Armen at January 27, 2005 3:04 AM

Damn, totally came up short.

Posted by: Armen at January 30, 2005 4:32 PM
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