February 3, 2006

Life Imitates Folly

by Armen

Even though wireless access in my Evidence class sucks, I still manage to read a few news items before the whole thing crashes. Ironic to me, was this item from AP about elementary school children's parents being up in arms because a teacher showed a video that had puppets reenacting Faust. Specifically the whole selling your soul to the Devil (but see Bart Sells his Soul, Episode 3F02) and using a sword to kill part was found offensive.

This is ironic to me, because just last night I was telling an Aussie friend of mine that in high school I took a class called Children's Drama, where the magnum opus was creating a children's version of MacBeth. (Her response: "So you got credit for turning MacBeth into a picture book?") But I'm glad the fine folks of Bennet, Colorado are not taking any guff from anybody. The more we bite from the tree of knowledge the farther away we get from God.

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